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green hair, cleveland, blog, kaylah doolan
green hair, palladium boots, what I wore, outfit post
cleveland blog, fashion blog, what i wore, jean jacket, green hair
cleveland blogger, fashion blog, what i wore, jean jacket, green hair
kaylah doolan, cleveland blogger, fashion blog,
round sunglasses


sunglasses – Mariela c/o Moorea Seal
jean jacket – thrifted
back patch – Valley Cruise Press
crop top – Wet Seal
skirt – Forever 21
boots – Palladium Boots
Say hello to what is sure to become my most worn outfit this summer!

I know Forever 21 is fast fashion, and that basically everything there is made to fall apart after a few wears. Seeeeriously, it seems like everything gets worse and worse every time I stop in! This skirt though? I’ve been rocking this baby for over four years, sometimes even in outfits very similar to this one. Seen also here, here, and here. I can’t believe it’s lasted so long, and that it ended up being a staple in my closet. I seem to rediscover it each spring and each year I’m just as enamored with it. Nothing better than an outfit that makes ya feel like a million bucks (especially when the main piece was only around $11!)

Speaking of feeling like a million bucks, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about my Fitbit all the time, and I’ve been doing a pretty good job about keeping my mouth shut buuut it really might be one of my best purchases ever. I just want to shout it to the world! I don’t know that I’ve lost any weight or that there are any visible changes but I can’t help but think I look awfully fiiiiine in these photos. I hate that it’s considered narcissistic to admit that think you look good because feeling good about your appearance is so so so very important. I feel so much happier and healthier since I started moving around more.

I’ve never really had a poor body image. Of course there were little things I’d like to change here and there but since getting my Fitbit and making healthy changes in my life, I don’t really dwell on those things anymore. It’s not a magic device that automatically makes you healthy, erases anything you don’t like about yourself, or anything like that but it’s without a doubt made a huge impact on my life. I get so much more exercise now. I walk as much as possible. I’ve gotten back into the habit of stretching daily and I’m committed to working on my flexibility. I even bought a pair of running shoes! Whaaat?

It’s funny because I went from being someone who complained about
walking even short distances to now walking every chance I get and my body still wants more.
Walking isn’t satisfying enough, sometimes I have this urge to just
break into a sprint. I never pictured myself as a runner but something
makes me feel like it’s heading that way. Pretty rad this all started
with a silly little gadget I wear on my wrist…

There will always be room for improvement, and I’m sure my body would benefit from getting even more exercise but I feel really good right now. I’m proud of my body. I want to continue to make it stronger.


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