what I wore : a pop of color

green hair, cleveland, blog, kaylah doolan
green hair, palladium boots, what I wore, outfit post
cleveland blog, fashion blog, what i wore, jean jacket, green hair
cleveland blogger, fashion blog, what i wore, jean jacket, green hair
kaylah doolan, cleveland blogger, fashion blog,
round sunglasses


sunglasses – Mariela c/o Moorea Seal
jean jacket – thrifted
back patch – Valley Cruise Press
crop top – Wet Seal
skirt – Forever 21
boots – Palladium Boots
Say hello to what is sure to become my most worn outfit this summer!

I know Forever 21 is fast fashion, and that basically everything there is made to fall apart after a few wears. Seeeeriously, it seems like everything gets worse and worse every time I stop in! This skirt though? I’ve been rocking this baby for over four years, sometimes even in outfits very similar to this one. Seen also here, here, and here. I can’t believe it’s lasted so long, and that it ended up being a staple in my closet. I seem to rediscover it each spring and each year I’m just as enamored with it. Nothing better than an outfit that makes ya feel like a million bucks (especially when the main piece was only around $11!)

Speaking of feeling like a million bucks, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about my Fitbit all the time, and I’ve been doing a pretty good job about keeping my mouth shut buuut it really might be one of my best purchases ever. I just want to shout it to the world! I don’t know that I’ve lost any weight or that there are any visible changes but I can’t help but think I look awfully fiiiiine in these photos. I hate that it’s considered narcissistic to admit that think you look good because feeling good about your appearance is so so so very important. I feel so much happier and healthier since I started moving around more.

I’ve never really had a poor body image. Of course there were little things I’d like to change here and there but since getting my Fitbit and making healthy changes in my life, I don’t really dwell on those things anymore. It’s not a magic device that automatically makes you healthy, erases anything you don’t like about yourself, or anything like that but it’s without a doubt made a huge impact on my life. I get so much more exercise now. I walk as much as possible. I’ve gotten back into the habit of stretching daily and I’m committed to working on my flexibility. I even bought a pair of running shoes! Whaaat?

It’s funny because I went from being someone who complained about
walking even short distances to now walking every chance I get and my body still wants more.
Walking isn’t satisfying enough, sometimes I have this urge to just
break into a sprint. I never pictured myself as a runner but something
makes me feel like it’s heading that way. Pretty rad this all started
with a silly little gadget I wear on my wrist…

There will always be room for improvement, and I’m sure my body would benefit from getting even more exercise but I feel really good right now. I’m proud of my body. I want to continue to make it stronger.


Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Your boots match your hair!!!! I know that's obvious and I don't know why it gets me but I love it!! I'm so in love with the green (and your flawless skin) even after I thought orange was my fave!! Such a perfect outfit.

    Also, has Elycia had her little nugget yet?! Dying to know!

  • A couple things…

    1) Adore those shoes.

    2) I gotta commend your bravery for wearing bright green shoes with your bright green hair. After four years of multi-colored hair (most recently turquoise and purple,) I find myself avoiding wearing whatever color my head is rocking because of the annoyance I feel every time some well intentioned stranger points out that they match. I think it's the fact that they're so proud of themselves for noticing, like they cracked my secret code or found Waldo, when usually it's just because I have a really colorful wardrobe, at some point the numbers say I'm going to match. (And especially when very often, they don't actually match. Plum and lavender may both be purples, but that's not what I would call matching.)

    3) You're at least partially responsible for the Fitbit Alta that's coming in the mail today!

    • Hahah, I feel ya! People really do act so proud when they point it out. I normally don't mind as long as they're polite and it doesn't go any further but TWICE someone has inquired if I match anywhere else while hinting around that they're talking about pubes. Like, dude, stop. None of your business!

      YES. I'm so happy to hear that. I'm really excited for you. I hope you love it! 😀

  • I'm dying to get a Fitbit! Reading your posts on it definitely helps me push to get one. Like you said, it just encourages you to MOVE, and I would like to track my sleep and heart, as well.

    You look BOMB in these pictures!

    • I seriously can't speak highly enough of these darn things. I feel so crazy raving about it because I totally understand that it sounds outlandish to think that it would help make any real changes. I was definitely skeptical before getting one but once you get one, you totally get it.

      Thank you!!! 😀

  • Those sunglasses are killer!
    I'm training for the Detroit 1/2 marathon in Oct.
    The repetitive nature of jogging frees your mind to reflect on the day. At least for me anyway….but only after I got over being sore/running out of air��.

    • Thanks! I was a little unsure of them at first but can't get enough now. I love fun sunglasses.

      That's awesome! Good luck! I know I'll probably hate running at first but it seems like something I could definitely grow to love.

    • Ohhh! I'll have to go check those out. I already bought a pair but I'm sure if it's something I really get into I'm going to want more than one pair. 🙂

  • You look amazing! I can relate to your outlook on being healthy. Its so important for your self esteem, you get sick less, and its better for your brain! Healthy people are usually happier! Ill celebrate with you on this post!! Kudos!

  • Love this outfit! And your shoe/hair matching 😉
    It's always annoying to me when you've got people pointing at the fact that your unatural colored hair matches part of your outfit. Do they go bugging people with black hair wearing black shoes?!!
    And good luck for the running. I started a couple of years ago, hated it at first, but I can't picture myself without running in my life anymore! It's even more addictive than walking. One thing that helped me: using the Zombie Run app on my phone (and I'm not a Zombie fan…), it's incredibly addictive and fun (even if you don't like zombies!) and I converted many friends to it (and we are now all addicted!).

    • You know, I never thought of it like that but you're right – no one would ever point out black hair + black shoes or brown hair + brown shoes.

      Ummm, I'm already SUPER intrigued. I haven't even looked at it yet in the app store but feel like I should thank you in advance because if it's what I think it is I bet thats awesome!

    • Go for it, it's so fun and addictive 🙂 I have to admit that, quite often, it's my motivation for taking a longer run than first planned (I need to know what's going to happen next!!!).

  • That is excellent! I don't think it is narcissistic to think you look good but rather healthy and it is good show example to other people about you feeling good 🙂 And I know exactly how you feel. When I got my jawbone (similar item to fitbit) I got it to be aware of how much I move, but it got me excited about moving more and hitting the goals. It is empowering and addictive in a good way 🙂


  • I love that outfit! Really adore how the boots match your hair – so cute. This post made me happy to read, it's inspiring to hear such confidence. Keep up the awesome work!

  • I love this outfit and your tattoos! I just recently got a new tattoo on my thigh and it's huge (my biggest so far). I am anxiously awaiting warmer weather to wear clothes that show it off! 🙂

    • Right now I'm not adding anyone I don't know in person but perhaps in the future. I've definitely thought about how fun it would be to have a TDS group on there, rooting each other on. 🙂

    • I think they might be old. I bought them from a flash sale site last year. There are similar pairs on amazon right now – same style, same color but different material. Good luck! 🙂

  • HOLY MOLY! I'm obsessed with this outfit and these photos. This might be my favorite outfit post of yours yet! And I totally get what you're saying about the Fitbit. Mine has inspired me to be more active since I got it a few months ago and I just wanna MOVE! 🙂

  • giiirl you do look great! Love the outfit on you and can't agree more about Fitbit. I jumped on the wagon pretty soon after it came out and haven't regretted it! I have the alta as well and absolutely love it, doing the challenges with friends makes exercising a lot more fun!