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sunglasses – Moorea Seal
camera bag – Jo Totes
shoes – Blowfish Shoes (…like five years ago!)

I had a really really good mail day on Monday! This was a few days after the guy at the post office suggested I had already opened but simply forgot about a package that was missing since I get so much mail. What!? I got some new lipstick, and some new jewelry and I was feeling fly! I normally try to avoid taking outfit photos in the evening, especially on nice days because there are just so many people out and about in the city. I don’t care who you are, or how confident you are, taking photos of yourself alone in front of people feels at least a little bit silly. I drove around, checked out all my normal spots only to find people jogging, mowing the grass, or just hanging out there. I was determined though. I eventually found a nice little nook complete with buffed graffiti. Now I’m all for graffiti and can’t help but think it’s a little bit silly when the city wastes money to paint over it in a color completely different than the wall was originally. I’m not really sure how that actually helps improve the buildings appearance. I’ve come to enjoy the way it looks when all these different colors are layered like in these photos. The city is unintentionally creating their own art.

Aaaaanyway, the package that was really missing eventually showed up on Monday which was cause for great excitement. I bought myself new jewelry for my facial piercings. The other day I was sitting in bed browsing the internet when I realized in the decade I’ve had these four piercings I’ve never bought myself anything new. After that thought occurred there was no stopping me. I am not a patient person. I headed over to BodyArtForms. My tried and true for body jewelry. You can browse all your past orders on there, and I’ve apparently been buying since 2006! Woweeee! I’m obsessed with opals, and they had the perfect piece for each one of my piercings!

As I was browsing other things on there I found the most beautiful septum piece. I have my septum pierced, which a lot of people may not have even noticed since I never wear visible jewelry in it. It’s stretched to 7/16″ and in some photos of me you can actually see right through it if my head is turned to the side. I decided since the jewelry was soooo pretty I would just go for it.  If I didn’t like it, no big deal! It was the first of my four new pieces that I tried on, and I LOVE IT. I feel kind of like I’m playing dress up which I really enjoy. It’s not something I plan on wearing all the time, just when I feel extra sassy…which I totally did after putting it in which is why I haaaad to take outfit photos immediately! In the ten years I’ve had this thing pierced I’ve never worn jewelry in it
that anyone else could see so this kind of feels like having it done for
the first time!

For your enjoyment, a very graceful Kaylah blowing the mature seeds off of a plant and subsequently eating some….

Hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday!

PS. You can see the last time I shared photos of this dress on the blog, approximately a year ago, here.

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