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urban waterfall, ohio, waterfall, bedford reservation

I feel like I’ve shared my frustrations with summer many time before, or maybe I’ve just typed and deleted one million times. Basically it boils down to the fact that there is so much to do, and just not enough time… so I get stressed and end up doing nothing. Or maybe I plan to do something but realize, dang, it’s just way too hot for me. Both Jeff and I are complete weaklings in the heat. We wilt like flowers so most plans have to be taken care of early in the morning or in the late evening. I really do love summer, but it definitely stresses me out.

A week or so ago Jeff and I ended up stumbling across a waterfall while on a day trip to Columbus. It was a nice little hike and splashing around in the water was super refreshing! When we got back in the car it hit me, we should spend our summer checking out all the local waterfalls. Ohio probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of waterfalls but surprisingly, we have A LOT of them.

urban waterfall, ohio, waterfall, bedford reservation

Sunday morning I woke up to my phone vibrating. It was Jeff asking if I wanted to go check out a some falls at Bedford Reservation. Less than an hour later we were on our way! There were a handful to choose from but I thought Great Falls of Tinker’s Creek looked the most promising… and I was totally right! A very short hike from the parking lot is this gorgeous waterfall.

I wasn’t too interested in shooting the falls until I finally listened to Jeff and tried a long exposure. Part of me feels like long exposures of waterfalls are kind of played out, and result in the same exact shot that just about everyone else has ever taken but I always have to remind myself that just because someone else has probably taken a similar shot doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take my own. We actually sat in bed and talked about that subject for a great deal of time later that night.

Anyway, once I got started with the long exposures of the falls I didn’t want to stop! I only got a few shots before we left. Part of me considered just filing them away since I didn’t have enough for a full post on our falls adventure but I am really excited to share these and be able to look back on them at the end of summer to see how much my waterfall photography has hopefully improved. So I tossed in some photos from later in the day at my brother’s house. I think they all flow together pretty well. They’re not all waterfall shots but they do sum up a pretty perfect summer day.

Ohio waterfall
Did you spot the tiny worm in the photo above?

Three waterfalls down for us so far this summer; Indian Run Falls, Paine Falls, and Great Falls of Tinkers Creek. (photographed above) Here’s to finding many more!

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  • i used to hate summer too, but now it is my favorite season. and part of it is how much i LOVE to swim under waterfalls! We got to rock island here in tennessee multiple times every summer, and last year we planned a trip to asheville around waterfall visits. the best!

    • Rae, I think you might be like half the reason I'm so excited about water stuff. You seriously make it look SO fun. My dude isn't crazy about swimming but I'm hoping that waterfalls will lead to swimming holes and tubing and all that good stuff.

  • Thank you again for pointing out something interesting to do near where I live! I love the waterfall shots! I am guilty of one million pictures of flowers, bugs, and bees so I think, "So what if there are tons of similar photos, these are mine"! I was trying to think of something nearby and free for my long weekend, perhaps I'll go looking for waterfalls!