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I’m not sure how closely any of you out there follow politics, especially American politics (I am always blown away by how many international readers I have!) but the Republican National Convention is coming to Cleveland this summer. That doesn’t mean much to me personally, but I do realize this is a HUGE deal for the city. It’ll bring in tons of people, as well of lots and lots of revenue. Everyone is hustling to get ready for the influx of business. Bars have petitioned to stay open much later, businesses are hiring extra help, and the city itself is doing everything possible to get cleaned up. Most recently, and most exciting to me, has been the addition of public art!

CrackingArt, an Italian art collective, has done large installations all around the world and this summer, with the help of Land Studio, they brought some color to Cleveland! I’m passionate about a whole slew of random things including Cleveland,
and giant animal statutes. Well, this clearly combines them both! I could not be more excited to have these things in my city. I only wish they were permanent.

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Earlier this week I took a quick ride down to the Great Lake Science Center, where one of the largest groups of the statues is located. When I first heard about the project, before seeing any photos, I was on the fence about whether or not I would like how it looked. It sounded a little crazy. After seeing them in person, and seeing how people interacted with them I’m smitten! I really enjoyed watching people take funny photos with them, and smiling at the sight of these colorful critters. They’re definitely bringing joy! I, of course, loved getting cool photos of my bike with them. They’re really neat, and I bet they look even more amazing at sunset since they’re right near the lake!

This is a little off track but it blows my mind how close I am to the science center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I remember visiting them before living here and it just taking foreverrrr to get there. Now it’s like “Hmmm, I guess I could take a quick ride down there.” It’s less than 3.5 miles! SO cool! I really, really love living in the city.

cleveland, ohio, land studio, bicycle
meerkat, land studio, cleveland, ohio

Prior to these last few months, Cleveland didn’t have too much in the way of public art. We do have little nooks with graffiti which the city I’m sure will do it’s best to eliminate before the RNC actually happens but seeing cities like Toronto makes me ache for more. Even if right now the big push is only to make our city look more approachable to a bunch of out-of-towners, I’m excited!  Land Studio also recently helped organize another project where they brought in a bunch of amazing artists to line one of our train routes with huge murals. I have yet to go grab photos but when I do I will definitely share.

Thank you to Land Studio for doing great things for Cleveland. They’re just giant colorful animals but they add so much to the city.

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