Lagoon Deer Park

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Last week I took my annual trip to Lagoon Deer Park. It’s a deer petting zoo located in Sandusky, OH – and if you’ve never been to one please make it a priority! The set up is basically one massive pen that you’re allowed to walk in. Along the edges of that pen are a bunch of other pens with deer, llamas, goats, emu, etc. In the large part that you walk in there are usually twenty to thirty deer, maybe even more, that are free to roam. They’ll approach you, and you can feed them peanuts. It is magical. You feel like Snow White, just absolutely surrounded by deer who are so very interested in what you have for them! One of my favorite parts of this park is that it’s almost always empty. There has never been more than one other group of people there at the same time is me. Since 2013, I’ve been visiting this place and it’s still not losing it’s appeal… I mean, how could it?!

I normally head out in there in the fall but this year I wanted to visit a little bit earlier in the season in hopes of seeing some babies. As I walked around I was joined by a man who worked there. He gave me some grass to feed whatever animal wanted it (no one wanted it except a donkey who bit my finger!) and walked around with me for a bit pointing out different highlights. Normally I enjoy just being alone with my thoughts, and of course the deer here but it was like getting my own personal tour which was rad. He directed my attention to two barely one day old fawns that had been born the previous night. In the rocks they were easily looked over since with their spots they basically blended in. If you aren’t looking for them, you aren’t going to see them. I was disappointed they were in the cage where I couldn’t get close but excited to just be able to see them. I watched for a while as one little guy stood and took a few shaky steps and eventually laid back down. Those loooong legs are just too cute.

petting zoo ohio, deer
deer park, petting zoo

As as I walked out of the pen and back into the building to leave a man who works there, who I’ve seen every year, started up a conversation. “You’re back! Did you see the newborns?” I responded that I had been shown the ones in the back pen and that they were soooo cute. He said “Yeah, and the one right out there?” Whaaat? We walked back outside together and he pointed out a tiny fawn that I had apparently looked right over. I bolted over to it’s side and took a handful of photos that I’m just smitten with.

The babies were very very cute, obviously, but the little guy on the right hand side of the photo below was my absolute favorite of the day. He was apparently born last fall…and I think he might be one of the silliest looking little critters I have ever seen. I like that he’s really furry. He didn’t look like any of the other deer there. He had these scrawny little legs with knobby knees and oversized feet. I was reminded of Dr. Seuss. Don’t you just want to eat him up!?

Lagoon Deer Park, Ohio, Sandusky, Petting Zoo
The photo below was originally hanging out in the middle of this post but it definitely seemed a little out of place but I couldn’t not share it…because emu are terrifying. I guess I’ve never really paid all that much attention to them but I stood there and stared at these beasts for so long just trying to take them all in. They’re like dinosaurs but they also look like handpuppets? I don’t know! Definitely one of those animals that you’re like of like “how is it real? kinda of seems made up…” Giraffes also fall into that category.

As always, if you live ANYWHERE near Sandusky, Ohio – you have to visit Lagoon Deer Park.


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  • Love this post so much. So many cute faces! This is honestly like a dream of mine, I love deer so much. I hope I can visit someday!

    Kaili |