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green hair, colourpop, kaylah doolan, cleveland, fashion blog, bumble


sunglasses – Kenley c/o Moorea Seal
sweater – Modcloth
dress – Modcloth
pins – planet c/o Moorea Seal, ufo via Nasty Nasty
purse – Robinson c/o Moorea Seal
shoes ASOS
lipstick – Bumble via ColourPop

You guys, these photos don’t have any green in them right? Haaaa! I go back and forth on what my opinion is on matching my hair to my clothes. First of all, it’s annoying when random dudes on the street point it out. No waaaaay? But there’s this part of me that seriously thinks nothing is better than being all matchy-matchy. I would love to have a gang of lady friends with brightly colored hair all wearing clothes that match. Not in a cheesy way like you’d fake for a photoshoot but in something they’d really actually wear, like this.

Also, on a kind of related note, you know how people draw hipster Disney princesses? This outfit actually kind of makes me feel like the human version of a hipster Saria from Legend of Zelda, especially photographed in these very green surroundings. I dig it!

Other fun things – these sunglasses!!! Okay, seriously, Moorea Seal has THE best selection of sunglasses. I’ve been meaning to photograph my collection of them for some time now. These ones are my newest acquisition and I’m obsessed. They’re ridiculous but not too ridiculous that they couldn’t be worn with any and every thing. PS. If you’re in the Seattle area, you can shop in person. Go try on all the sunnies for me, please + thank you.

Hope you’re having a lovely week!

PS. Check out the last time I wore this dress on the blog here.

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