what I wore : polka dots, stripes + a snail

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shirt – TJ Maxx
sunglasses – Mariela c/o Moorea Seal
camera bag – Jo Totes
shoes – Blowfish Shoes

This started as an outfit post but clearly turned into a snail photoshoot. I spotted the little dude after I tripped over the brick he was hanging out under. I picked up the shell, assuming no one was home, and thought “Oh, this will be cute in photos!” I only got a few shots in before he came out of his shell. I was SO stoked. Snails are usually so shy. I’ve actually never even held one. I placed him on my hand, then quickly and haphazardly snapped some shots figuring he wouldn’t stay out for long. …Then he started crawling up my arm. I was basically the happiest gal ever! He crawled around on me for a while, even letting me switch which arm he was on (had to shoot him on my mushroom tattoo, duh!), until I finally put him back where I found him.
When I moved to Cleveland and started hanging around Jeff, and Jason it was the first time I had spent anytime around train tracks.There just weren’t any close to the house I grew up in. Something I noticed fairly quickly was all the snail shells near the tracks. I hadn’t seen any anywhere else around Cleveland, they only seemed to be near the tracks. I asked the boys if they knew why and their response was basically “because there just is.” Very helpful.
Two years later, I’m still amused finding snail shells by the tracks. Google wasn’t very helpful in my search to find out why but one would assume they crawl up while trains are stopped and end up taking a little trip. Normally there isn’t anyone living inside so I guess the day I took these photos was just my lucky day. I feel inspired to head back out with my macro lens and get more shots. Don’t be surprised if a snail filled post shows up this summer! You have to admit they’re at least a little bit cute, right!?

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