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The end of July means one thing to me – that my birthday is rapidly approaching! August 2nd! Wooo! I’ve only been counting down the days since…uh… my last birthday? Just a few more weeks now! It’s basically tradition by now to share a birthday wishlist here on the blog so here’s 2016’s list…

1. Yep, still dreaming of owning a full sized skeleton! It’d just fit so perfect with my decor!

2. I somehow don’t own a black camera bag, well not one that looks nice with dresses. This one from Epiphanie sounds awesome! It can even be worn three ways; shoulder, cross-body or as a backpack. How cool is that!?

3. Kat Von D’s tattoo liner in Trooper!

4. This tank top! Because maybe owning something not black and white striped would be okay for once? …Only if it has a cactus on it though.Β 

5. An Ulta gift card would rule! I really do love trying out new make-up and as much as I would love to receive a basket of things I don’t really trust anyone to pick out things for me yet. Top of my wishlist would be Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. I’ve read such good things about it and I love Stila!

6. I really want a kayak. A few years ago a friend’s mom was talking about how much she loved finding marbles on a secret beach she kayaked to. My interested was piqued then but it wasn’t until recently that Jeff and I started talking about how much fun kayaks would be. There are tons of places nearby to
go, and it really does sound like the best way to spend an afternoon! Totally not picky about what kind or what it looks like right now. As a beginner, I really just want something that will get me around the lake without any leaks! In true if you give a mouse a cookie form, I would need all the fixings to haul it too.

7. Film! Always need film! I have two road trips coming up this summer, and instant film is an essential.

8. Because a girl can never have enough pairs of Palladium Boots! For real though, the more I walk the more I love and appreciate Palladium. This pair would look SO cute with dresses, which is essential for summer!

9.Β  I’m still mourning the loss of my last pair of Joules rain boots. I like this bee pair! I know, who in the heck puts rain boots on their birthday wishlist? I wore mine a ton though. Never really realized just how often until they got a hole in them!

10.Β This bedding is what my dreams are made of. I prefer comforters instead of duvets and their separate covers but I guess I could make an exception in this case! Seriously, that bed looks PERFECT.

Another short, albeit expensive, list this year. There are lots of non-tangible things that I really want for my birthday as well. Bike rides and ice cream with friends (are you reading this Jake, Anji, Jason? Hi! Put air in your tires!), time spent with family, and of course, a roadtrip or three with my favorite dude. Maybe a trip to an abandoned hospital too? That sounds nice!

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