Friday Favorites #375

Kate Funk‘s new cat calendar is out for the year! Ahhh! Seriously just love love love her work.
 (via: Kate Funk)
Cactus pin. I mean, I already own a few but just like real plants you can never have too many!
Lately I’ve been thinking of getting rid of my bulletin board since it just seems to attract clutter. I LOVE the way this looks!
More cactus pins! This time hand-cut and hand-stitched!
Yes, please! This phone case is the bee’s knees!
This card is the cutest!
 (via: Quill and Fox)
 (via: Native Bear)
This custom pet portrait pillow is so so so awesome! I’m going to need one for each of my babies.
(via: Camelotia)
This is too cute! That cactus shaped light is pretty amazing too.
(via: Pipolli)

Link love…
Crazy cactus lady! A very appropriate patch for me!
▴ When you don’t need a stapler for any reason but it’s so cute you start to convince yourself you do…
▴ If you own tons of cute notebooks, why shouldn’t your pens be cute too!?
Hello, Sunshine!
▴ I blame it on growing up obsessed with the Spice Girls, I love this lapel pin!
▴ This is like the globe of all globes! I NEED it for my collection.

Happy Friday!!

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