Independence Day 2016


 Every year for the fourth of July my parents throw a big party. It
always easily one of the best weekends of the summer outside of any roadtrip I happen to take. Food, family,
fireworks! This year was a little different than normal with the fourth falling on a Monday instead of the weekend. Jeff, Klaus, and I went out to my parents Saturday morning, and left rather abruptly Sunday evening due to illness. You’ll have that I guess… It was still an absolute blast of a weekend even if it got cut short.

Jeff pointed out one of the best things about get togethers at my parents house is that everyone kind of does their own thing, and I totally agree! It’s not this forced, everyone sit around and make awkward small talk thing. People play croquet, there might be a few in the pool, the kids might be looking for frogs in the pond. There are four wheelers to ride, and there’s always something to snack on. As much as I love the city it is always SO nice to escape back to the country. My parent’s have the most relaxing property!

I spent the majority of my weekend in my hammock… and it was basically heaven! Last year I slept in my hammock for the very first time. I was skeptical but literally had the best sleep ever. Needless to say, I’ve been counting down the days until it was time to camp at my parent’s house again. Jeff recently bought me a new hammock because my other one was a little bit too small so I gave old one to my nephew. We set them up one on top of each other, like bunk beds. I called top bunk! I was hesitant at first but actually found it beyond relaxing to be that high up. I could have stayed there forever. (Seriously, buy a hammock. They’re SO COZY.)

Highlights of this weekend included;
▴ Hammocking, of course!
▴ Truly bonding with my nieces.
▴ Watching my brother struggle to get out of the highest hammock. (pictured above) 
▴ Having Jeff’s sister + her baby come out for a few hours. First time any parts of our family met each other!!!
▴ Being treated to one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen at my parent’s house.
▴ Starting new traditions.  Annual family cannon building? Yep. This year it shot marbles…
▴ Fireworks that end up looking like flowers in photos. You totally caught that above, right?!

Hope all my American pals had an excellent holiday weekend, and those elsewhere, not celebrating, still got to enjoy some sparklers anyway…because sparklers are always appropriate! 

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • I am honestly SO BORED with the same firework photos every year, but yours are so unique and pretty! I love how you took them (and shot the fireworks) before it was completely dark out! The display against the colors of the sky is seriously so lovely. Best firework photos I've ever seen, by far!

    • I have my impatient family to thank for the shots of fireworks against a not completely dark sky! 😛 No one can ever wait until it's actually dark to start setting them off.