It’s the little things…

If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a while, you may recall how a few years ago I went through a spell where I was obsessed with mushrooms! I still think they’re really interesting and I point them out to anyone who will listen when I find them but I don’t really go out of my way to look for them anymore.

Since Jeff and I have been out chasing waterfalls, we’ve obviously been spending more time outside and in our parks. The weekend before last we took a two hour drive to Honey Run Falls. It was a nice little waterfall that I can imagine would have been just breathtaking after a big rain. We shot the falls, then hiked around the park. It ended up being an incredible spot with beautiful mossy ledges, as well as lots and lots of mushrooms! I honestly don’t remember the last time I enjoyed hiking around, and sweating so much. You guys, new Kaylah with a fitbit is a changed lady!

Anyway, we were on the hike back to the car, and I was already having the best day when I spotted a curious stump a few feet away. I could see it had something on it but presumed it was sawdust. As I approached I realized that “sawdust” was actually tons, and tons of little mushrooms. In all my mushroom hunting time I had never seen anything quite like this. It was nothing short of magical!

I’ve identified these as Xeromphalina kauffmanii which commonly grows on rotting wood, and in large clusters like this. They were orange in color but I really fell in love with these photos in
black and white. I feel like it gives them even more of an other
worldly appearance. I almost feel like it looks like something you might find underwater. Way rad, right?!

orange mushrooms, tiny mushroom
Xeromphalina kauffmanii, golden trumpets


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