Klaus’ pup-iversary

a few days after adopting Klaus. July 2013.


Three years ago today I went to a tiny shelter I had driven past a million times before to look at some puppies I had seen photos of on Craigslist. After spending the fourth of July weekend at my parents I had fallen even more deeply in love with their dog, and decided I needed one of my own. After that weekend but before this trip to the shelter I had met with one other dog who within the first few minutes home proved that maybe she wasn’t really as “cat friendly” as her foster mom had said. It broke my heart to take her back but it’s a decision I still feel confident in today. She clearly wasn’t the one. My cats were my biggest priority, they came first. I had to make sure they were safe so I decided the only route to go was to get a puppy.

The shelter was advertising a litter of puppies who were only recently old enough to be without their momma. Beautiful, tiny, brindle babies all with names starting with the letter “D”. I fell in love the second I saw him. Dylan. He was the sweetest little sleeping angel, all curled up in the corner of the crate while his siblings crawled on around and on top of him. I held him, and I was officially done for. I was his. He was coming home with me! He obviously needed a new name, one I stole from The Life Aquatic, but otherwise he was perfect. Three years later this big puppy still makes me smile about fifty billion times per day.Ā 

Klaus. What to say about Klaus? Well, he’s a baby. A giant baby. He has a sensitive stomach which has sent us to the vet more than once, he sneezes at nearly every smell (sunscreen, hairspray, spicy food, etc), and sometimes even gets little rashes from laying in the grass too long. He’s also a giant baby in sense that there is no place he’d rather be than snuggled up to his humans. Errr, I mean, between his humans. He loves being held, and if you sit down around him he’s probably going to try to wiggle his way into your lap.

Klaus looooves squeaky tennis balls, not quite as much as he loves Jeff, but very close. He’s recently started sleeping in the bedroom with me at night. If I’m alone he sleeps in bed, but if Jeff is there he has to sleep on the floor because he is totally bed hog and there simply isn’t enough room. We need a California King! When he’s not allowed on the bed he’ll just stand at end of it with his chin resting on the edge, giving you puppy dog eyes, until he’s invited up. He definitely knows how to work his cuteness – no doubt about it! He thinks showing his belly is the answer to anything I say no to or anytime I ask him to go to his crate. Sometimes it totally is the answer. I love petting that belly.
Ā Ā 

Sometimes he drives me crazy, like by barking at strangers, and I start to think “maybe I am just a cat lady…” but I can’t imagine life without Klaus. The company he provides me is immeasurable. I don’t know if I would have been able to handle the last two years of living alone without him by my side. I treasure our walks around the neighborhood together, and I feel safe with him.* He always seems to know exactly when I need him.

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still loves sitting on Grandma’s lap!

Here’s to many more years with my smelly bed hog of a puppy! Sometimes you drive me nuts but I love you dearly.

*Can I tell you my favorite story about feeling safe with Klaus? Okay, so, I’m walking him in my own backyard which should be safe but my neighbors always have strange folks coming and going all day long. A dude pulls up, gets out of his car and starts “Eyyyy baby! You look fine. I like them tats!” I force a strained smile and says “Thanks!” Klaus is just watching him. The guy follows with “You got a man?” Before I can even say a word Klaus loses it. He might be a big baby but that boy has a BARK. Visibly frightened by my big scary pup (hah!) the dude apologized and left. I don’t necessarily feel like I was in danger but dang it, I hate when dudes ask if I “have a man”. Klaus told him!


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  • I love the matching skeleton outfits! I'm searching for a canine companion at this point too, but like you said, finding a cat-friendly dog is thus far proving difficult. Maybe I'll have to check out the puppies too! šŸ˜€

    • Haha! That's funny. When I first got Professor I thought he was a girl until he went to the vet. He was originally Annie which was short for Anemone. (to carry on my sea themed pet names)

      What a precious little kitty! šŸ™‚

    • Hah! He is!

      Yeah, I wish Klaus was just a liiiiittle bit better about reading my vibes when it comes to barking at people. There are definitely times when he barks at stranger and I'm like "YESSS PUPPY! Thank you!" But other times he barks at people who I'm trying to have a conversation with and it's totally embarrassing.

  • I love hearing about Klaus and seeing his pictures–he is just soooo cute! My dog is crazy and barks at most people, but I figure if that's her worst habit it could be worse. Happy Pup-iversary to you and Klaus!

    • Yeah, exactly! Things could definitely be worse. He's never had an accident (except when he was sick which is totally understandable), and he doesn't chew on things. Other than barking at people, he's pretty perfect!

  • First, love your pictures šŸ™‚
    Second, I'm a volunteer at animal shelter in Portugal and I always advice people to adopt a senior dog when they have cats and never a puppy. Normally senior dogs just want comfort, peace and rest and them just don't bother or try to play with cats. And they seam to respect more cats space than puppies. On the other side, puppies tend to want to play with cats and cats are way to independent and peaceful to play with dogs. Normally…

    But I'm so glad you decided to adopt! Been following your blog for some time and now I respect you a little bit more šŸ™‚

    • Interesting. I think it'd still make me nervous. I just figured with a puppy the cats would be able to show him who is boss and all would be well. šŸ™‚

  • Ugh, I just pictured a totally creepy guy saying that to you while stroking his beard and licking his lips. LOL!! He may or may not have even had a beard, but that seriously would have scared the crap out of me!! Most guys freak me out!! Aside from my husband, of course, and guys who look like normal human beings, but most other dudes that are just wandering around staring..it's like they're hunting their prey. I always avoid men cashiers, ALWAYS. Like, I hunt down any and all women, even if the guy's line is empty and the only woman cashier is an old lady with a backed up line taking 9 years to scan a box of saltines! I know that totally sounds like I'm a paranoid freak, but when I'm by myself, I'd just rather be around other females who won't try to hit on me, stare, or say things that make me uncomfortable. I have a sleeve as well and it really is annoying when they cat call about it. *Grabs giant blanket to wrap up in* *Hides* ..haha!!

  • Have you heard about the bark collars that give off a citronella smell when the dog barks? Dogs don't like the smell so it helps curb barking. Probably not for Klaus if he has skin allergies, now that I think about it. Way more humane that shock collars!!

  • Ok so I put your blog into my browser, and went to get a snack while it loaded. When I came back I saw the pictures of baby Klaus on my screen and went "AAAHHHH!!!" and I'm really glad no one was in the store when that happened. OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!! And I love his protection story. "YEAH SHE GOT A MAN BACK OFF PUNK." haha

  • he is precious. so perfect for you and your family.
    i fostered a dog that never once barked at anyone. as a part german shepherd, he looked fierce, but was a total lover. came home one day and noticed two guys walking the street with clipboards, but the didn't appear terribly official. i made sure to have the pup on leash before i stepped out of the vehicle, but the guys disappeared. as i reached for my purse, they appeared and tried to talk me into letting them in the house to discuss home security. dog lost his mind, barking and lunging. i was so impressed. just smiled and said it wasn't a good time, suggesting they get out of my yard. i swear, pups know when things aren't right. and i love them for it!

  • Happy Adoptiversary to you and Klaus! Rescuing my dog Roscoe was hands down one of my best decisions in life. I don't know how the last 8 years would've been without him, especially when I was living alone. When I lived in Berlin without him it was the absolute loneliest time. He's the biggest baby and sometimes such a shithead but I love him so much. It's amazing you posted this today since I was just looking at some really old photos of Roscoe and myself and decided to treat him to a new collar from See Scout Sleep <333

    • Aw! I love hearing about (and seeing people) who have a special bond with their pets so much that just reading your comment made me teary eyed. Dogs are such great people! šŸ™‚

  • My Rosalina and Klaus could be siblings they look so similar, she's also a ploutt hound mix. How much does Klaus weigh? Rosie is about 45 lbs and I always thought the breed would be bigger. I've considered having her DNA tested but in the end it doesn't really matter.

    • Honestly, I can't remember exactly. Probably around the same. Do you have an instagram or anywhere I can see photos of her? I love puppy pictures! šŸ™‚

  • A male of the species always knows when another steps over the line. Klaus was there to take care of the problem. Lucky lady, you are!!!

    I LOVE a dog with muscle behind the mouth!