On The Cutting Room Floor

Last weekend was a good weekend. 

I’m still struggling with the whole “too hot to function, oh no I’m overwhelmed!” thing but Jeff and I were on a roll last weekend. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had such a productive weekend. Not productive on the internet, my inbox is still a mess and I should certainly be a little bit more ahead on my scheduled posts, but I took lots of photos, and got lots of exercise. Saturday I have two whole posts from so more on that next week. Sunday though…

Sunday I…
β–΄ woke up early and explored an abandoned church! Jeff and I had been scoping out this church for a while now. I haven’t been in any significant abandoned buildings in a while so I feel kind of out of the game. I was a little shaky, and a man screaming about something outside was quite unnerving. I didn’t shoot anything worth writing home about but I’m pleased we got inside. It was a great start to the morning!
β–΄ ate my way through Taste of Tremont! Figuring there wouldn’t be any parking available, Jeff and I walked from his house which was super fun. It was waaaarm but I’m always pleased to do “city stuff” like that. I feel like a greater part of the neighborhood by being able to walk somewhere. Stupidly, I didn’t take any photos of what we ate but rest assured, it was deeeelicious. Pulled pork, blueberry lemonade, kettle corn, and finally some chocolates from Lily ChocolatesThey have this one truffle right now called Strawberry Fields. It’s white chocolate, basil, and strawberry. It’s literally the best chocolate I have ever eaten! Another Taste of Tremont highlight was all the dogs. SO MANY PUPS!
β–΄ met up with friends and admired our new public square. Cleveland is on the up and up, man! Our newly renovated public square was recently opened, and boy, it is pretty! After checking out the square we walked for around the city for a few miles. At the end of the night we were treated to the most beautiful sunset. I love this city.

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Here’s to making more days like this happen! Clearly, nothing too exciting happened but spending time with my friends, and getting lots of exercise is always great. I’m like a puppy, I need to use up all my energy or I start to go a little crazy.

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