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dress – Modcloth

Can I tell you guys a secret? One time I cried because the thought that Jim Carrey probably wouldn’t be attracted to me popped into my head. I guess I should have started with these two facts first; 1) Jim Carrey is my one and only celebrity crush. I’m not like crazy obsessed or anything. I realize he’s just a normal human being (plus he has a daughter older than me!) but he’s SO funny, and SO handsome! 2) I’m a crier. I cry when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m mad, and definitely at the sight of cute animals. So me crying over that isn’t exactly a huge deal.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought that I was “ugly”. I’ve kind of always just been “well, that’s me” about my looks but I’m definitely guilty of wishing I looked like other people at times. I have a good
side that I prefer to be photographed from (which you’d have to be pretty oblivious to not have picked up on by now! Hah!) and I’ve always been little self conscious of my round face. One eye is a little bit
squintier than the other and when I got braces a few years ago my orthodontist pointed out what a large chin I apparently have. …Seriously, what a butt! That aside, even if I had been born with the “perfect” face, I’ve chosen to do things to my body, such as covering a large portion of it in tattoos and always having an unnatural color of hair, that aren’t always seen as beautiful by people. It’s what I think is pretty, and how I like to look though. If I had a quarter for every time someone commented I’d be prettier with natural hair or without tattoos I’d be able to finish tattooing the rest of my body, AND keep my hair permanently fresh! There are definitely times when I think how much easier things would be if only I had “normal” tastes. I feel like that’s something that anyone with tattoos, funky hair, or a penchant for unique clothing can related to at least a little bit.

The last few months I’ve been feeling this almost childlike understanding that everyone looks different, and that THAT is what makes people beautiful. Also that another person’s beauty doesn’t take away from mine. We can be completely opposite in looks and still both be attractive and you know what… IT RULES! I’m going to have to give credit to the internet for this. I’ve never felt that advertising had a huge impact on my views of beauty but I think that might actually be impossible. Even if you don’t realize it, you’re affected by advertising. But seeing so many selfies everywhere I look – instagram, blogs, facebook, etc – is pushing that advertising to the side! Yeah, the ads are still everywhere but so are so many other faces, and styles that prove that beauty isn’t just this one image.

I obviously don’t think taking selfies is the most important thing in the world or that it’s all we should do with our time but I can’t deny the impact they’ve had in my life. Sharing selfies shows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That there isn’t just one beautiful image that everyone needs to replicate. I look at others and I see they have the same “flaws” I have but guess what? They’re still beautiful!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, just to talk about how much I love seeing everyone’s faces, and personalities on social media. I actually had some of it in a draft along with some random selfies but a post with this fish dress seemed even more appropriate. It’s weird, no question there. More people probably go “what the…” than people who think “wow, that’s cute!” yet I’m still crazy into it! The post ended up a little more all over the place than I had planned but it would take forever to write about all my feelings on beauty, even this post I’ve come back to a few times to add in thoughts. I’m sure as soon as it goes live I’ll think of something else I want to add on the subject.

So, maybe Jim Carrey wouldn’t be into a girl with green hair, lots of tattoos, and who thinks a dress covered in fish is funny but I think I’m pretty rad and I hope that by being true to my very strange self I’m encouraging others to do so as well.


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Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • I think your look is awesome and definately "as cute as a button"! You've been one of the influences in my own discovery in finding my style! Everyone comments on my hair" if only I had the courage…. ". Yesterday I spent 5haors having it bleached white… My boys are embarrassed I now look like lady gaga… But hey there are worse things! Your look is so refreshing and always puts a smile on my face… Thank you!

  • Your uniqueness and beauty are what keep me coming back to your blog again and again. And your chin is NOT too large. Don't stop being who you are, Kaylah. The world is more colorful and lovely with you in it. xo

  • The "you'de so pretty if" or "what happens when You want to get married" comments always really get me. It's super insulting and I'll never understand how people let those things come out of their mouths!
    Also: you are just the cutest. Seriously pretty & a funny. Not to mention into some pretty cool stuff. I don't know about Jim being into you, but if I lived near Cleveland I'd be trying to make you my new bff. ;p

  • Love everything about your post, Kaylah! I also came to the same realization recently that someone else's attractiveness doesn't take away from mine. Our thought patterns are such a powerful influence on how we perceive the world. Affirmations have also helped me with seeing myself in a less negative way. Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • this blows my mind. for some reason i feel that you are super confident in yourself and never would have imagined that you would feel jim carrey wouldn't be attracted to your phenomenal self.
    we are very (VERY!) different people in most ways, and yet i find you beautiful and cute. loving that you appreciate the beauty of others and now know comparison is unnecessary. you be you. you rock the shit out of you!