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headband – Target
sunglasses – Moorea Seal
necklace – Modcloth (similar)
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dress – Old Navy
sandals – Saltwater Sandals
backpack – Little America by Herschel (c/o Moorea Seal)
pin on bag – Time to Pay c/o Moorea Seal
keychain – Kodiak Milly

I am finally at the point in my life where I’m understanding how to dress for summer. I have struggled for SO long with how to look cute, and not just roast. I’ve found a handful of dresses, this one from Old Navy included, that actually look great with no other accessories added. By “accessories” I mean cardigan, belt, etc not pins or necklace because those are always a necessity in my book. This is probably the weirdest thing to be frustrated with but I seriously feel like everyone makes buying clothes look so easy. I love shopping, and I go fairly often but I rarely ever buy anything because I’m so picky about how everything fits. I find so many items I love, then I try them on and realize “yeah, this isn’t easy enough to wear, nevermind.” For the first time I actually feel like I have a solid wardrobe of clothes I can just throw on and feel confident in. It took a reeeeally long time but it’s happening! Woo! This will be the year I learn to love summertime, staying cool and lookin’ cute, mark my words!

Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • This looks great! And, I feel the same way about shopping clothes. I am still in the process of building a wardrobe where I can just pull something out and feel effortlessly content and good. It works for some clothes I own at the moment but it's still a long way to go for me.

  • I feel the same way! Shopping for clothes is so unnecessarily hard, but so rewarding when you actually find something that feels great – love all the patches / pins πŸ™‚

  • Your hair is the most perfect colours of green! Dressing for summer is something I think I've finally figured out too, which I think I should have learnt earlier because Australian summers are pretty crazy!

  • OH MY GOD I thought I was the only one who had no clue how to dress for summer. I feel like I look like a bump all summer and then when fall hits I'm in my prime. I too have been finding dresses to wear and trying to accessorize them in cute ways. I am so about this outfit! I have a little America backpack too and I love it so much. I've had it for so long now and it is so worn down but I still love it.