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Toward the beginning of summer Jeff and I made a little goal to visit as many waterfalls in Ohio as possible which I blogged about here. We’re two people who are easily defeated by the heat. It’s super easy for me to feel anxious about wasting a beautiful day just because I don’t have a solid plan. This waterfall goal turned out to be exactly what we needed!

“Let’s go find a waterfall!” became the go-to when we didn’t know what to do on the weekends. It was a reason to get out of bed early, and an excuse to get some exercise. Most parks usually had geocaches so that was an awesome bonus. Lets not forget the post-falls donuts and coffee either! Seriously, I’m going to be sad when we’ve hit them all. It’s been a blast!

We’ve crossed ten waterfalls off our list so far, which I think is a pretty darn impressive number. The majority of others left in Ohio are a bit more of a drive so they’ll have to be planned a little better. Everything we have seen could probably be revisited after a large rain though. It’s been a very dry summer here which obviously means all the falls are looking a little weaker than normal. Most were still definitely worth the trip but I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t prefer a roaring waterfall as opposed to one just trickling.

ohio waterfall
ohio, waterfall,

Ohio Waterfall, CVNP, national park, waterfall

ohio, waterfalls
Elyria, Ohio, Waterfalls, abandoned
I shared photos of this place around two years ago in this post. Fun to see how my photography has improved!

so far this summer we’ve visited – Indian Run Falls, Paine Falls, Great Falls of Tinkers Creek.
Honey Run Falls, Hayden Falls, Brandywine Falls, East and West Falls of the Black River, and Big and Little Lyon Falls.

most impressive – West Falls of the Black River. Oddly enough, not pictured in this post.  Half of the falls were shaded and the other half in bright sun at the time we visited. I took a crappy photo just to have but the lighting was all wrong. It was easily my favorite we visited though. It’s a beautiful hike to get to it and even after a very dry summer it was still pretty impressive. I’m very much looking forward to going back!

least impressive – Little Lyon Falls… well, Big Lyon too! Also not pictured in this post. Okay, so perhaps the lack of rain attributed to this, as well as the heat of the day but daaang, that was a long hot hike just to see water drip over the edge. It didn’t help that Jeff wasn’t feeling very well, due to aforementioned heat, so when we finally got there I couldn’t help but let out a defeated whimper of a laugh. Maybe visiting after a huuuuge rain would be best for these two? I don’t know. All I know is I’m in no rush to go back.

I’m still struggling to love summer. I think I’d like it at least a little bit more if I had air conditioning. It’s just hard to enjoy anything when you’re sweating for no reason, ya know? Visiting waterfalls definitely made summer a million times more tolerable to me though. I can’t wait to hunt down a few more.

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  • Oh I loooove the East Falls pictures! Especially that little cave area – did that used to be something else before it crumbled/collapsed?

    We have tons of waterfalls around here – the area is known for its gorges where the glaciers cut their paths and left gorges/waterfalls/caverns/very deep lakes behind. But it's been so dry here that two weeks ago I went to my favorite waterfall (usually looks like this; and there was NO water coming down. None. I have never seen it like that in all of my years (28!) of living here. It was so distressing, such a blatant reminder of how little water there is this year. šŸ™

  • If you want to take a long drive, try Ludlow Falls! It's basically in my mother-in-law's backyard and is pretty impressive after a decent rain. Some people even jump off of it, but I'm too much of a wuss!

  • I didn't realize there were so many gorgeous waterfalls in Ohio! Here in Florida, we only have swamp šŸ˜‰ I am also having a hard time loving summer, but to be fair, Florida is barely habitable 50% of the year lol. I need to find a nice way of enjoying summer a little better, like you did here with the waterfall chasing.

    Kaili |