Giant’s Stairs

Maine, Ocean

Pemaquid Point didn’t quite satisfy my urge to explore tide pools. I mean it was obviously an awesome spot but I needed to see more of the coast! Giant’s Stairs trail was another spot I found listed as a favorite by the same person who recommended Pemaquid Point. It was a little over an hour away from where I was but the tide was still low enough, and the photos looked cool enough that I figured it’d be worth it.

…Aaaand it was! I followed the trail for a few minutes before dipping down off the path to climb around on rocks. Same luck as before though, I still wasn’t finding anything alive. Despite all my research tide pool exploration is still a bit of a mystery to me. It kills me that I don’t get to do this more often. If I lived near the ocean I would be at a spot like this every single day at low tide to search for critters. It’s so
amazing that this world exists and for a small amount of time we get a
peek of it.

giant steps, maine,

After an hour or so of watching waves crash in, I climbed back up to the trail ready to head back to my car. It was then I realized the path went on a lot further than I had thought before. Despite being tired and ready to head back to the hotel (+ the hot tub!) I figured I might as well keep on walking because when would I get a chance to explore here again anytime soon.

Not too far from where I climbed up I stumbled upon the actual Giant’s Stairs. Seen above. I guess I thought the whole area was just the Giant’s Stairs. My photo does them no justice at all. They really are giant stairs!

I’m already aching to get back to the coast. One half day is not even close to enough time. I always hear people always say stuff like “I was born in the wrong era.” but I was just born in the wrong state – which, luckily, is something I can fix. I definitely picture myself living on the coast some day.  I am an ocean gal through and through. I’m half terrified of it which I think is so much of why I love it. It’s frightening yet calming. I don’t quite know if that makes sense at all but the ocean definitely has me feeling some kind of way.

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