Klaus – the water dog!

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If you’ve been reading for a while you might remember me mentioning that my big brave puppy is terrified of water. When I adopted him I was so excited to have a beach buddy but quickly realized that wasn’t going to pan out how I wanted. Klaus and the beach probably won’t be friends for a long time, if ever! But he is starting to love the water!! You know, as long as it’s quiet, and won’t sneak up on him like waves do.

Jeff, Jason and I went out to my parents a few weekends ago. Just a nice, relaxing weekend to escape from the city. I’ve been trying to convince all my friends, basically since we met, that they need to come out to my parents since my parents are coolest. Hi Mom! We hiked up the creek that runs through my parents backyard. We rode four-wheelers through the woods, and ate until our bellies felt like they might explode. We even brought our hammocks out, and slept underneath the stars. It was an awesome time but the highlight of my weekend was seeing Klaus finally realize how awesome playing in the water is.

Recently I’ve transitioned Klaus to IAMS™ Grain Free Naturals. We took IAMS™Visible Difference challenge and I seriously couldn’t be happier. I feel like I’ve been on the hunt for SO long for a good food for my best bud and after three whole years I’ve found it. The food I chose is grain free, made from farm-raised chicken, and farm-grown peas! For the past few months Klaus has been acting pretty bored with what I was feeding him. This pup who used to be so excited to eat would just let it sit in his bowl all day. Since starting switching over to IAMS™ he is stoked to eat again! While that’s not one of the three identifiable differences guaranteed, it’s one that makes me very happy.

The three visible differences you’ll see after making the switch are healthy skin and coat, healthy digestion, and energy. The one I’m showcasing in this post? I’ll give you one guess. Healthy coat isn’t the first that comes to mind with this muddy dog. Although just because he’s crazy dirty, doesn’t mean he isn’t super soft and shiny! He definitely is! Does this puppy not just look like a ball of energy? He is! That’s something else that had been troubling me for a while with his last food. He just didn’t seem to have any energy. Although anytime he gets to go to grandma’s house he perks up, he’s been especially crazy, in the best way, since switching to IAMS™.

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obsessed with Jeff’s reaction in the photo above. Guess that’s the “who is that puppy?!?” pose.

This puppy was in absolute heaven. He was just a rocket, shooting back and forth, splashing in the water. I’m hoping next time I’ll be able to convince him that going out past where the water clover grows is even more fun. Will Klaus and I ever be able to enjoy swimming in the pond together? I’ve got my fingers crossed but only time will tell!

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