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It’s been a minute since I had any new fabric printed but the time has finally come, kind of. I say “kind of” because this is just one print and an extremely limited run of it. Only six total pouches, one of which is mine.

Recently I’ve discovered my love of hanging out at coffee shops. Not just hanging out but hanging out with my laptop and being CRAZY productive. I got myself a sweet little backpack to carry around my perfect planner, laptop, and array of pens and office supplies. The issue was that all the little things were getting buried in my bag.

…Then I remembered zipper pouches were kind of my thing and I had no excuse not to make one for myself. I photographed a handful of items from my personal collection and voilà! The print includes skulls, a dried mushroom, some random animal teeth, moths, a turtle shell, and more. It’s very similar to my previous work but uh, I guess, if it’s not broke don’t fix it? Hehe! Check it out here.

 Friendly bee approved!

This pouch is wide enough to fit pens, highlighters…and well, more pens if you’re me! It has a back pocket perfect for stashing cash and a d-ring to attach your keys so they don’t get lost in your bag either!

You can find this pouch and a handful of other designs here!

I also added this print to my Society6 shop if you’d prefer a something you can hang on your wall, a mug, pillow, or a phone case instead! Aaaand speaking of Society6, they now offer zipper pouches so you can find a lot of the prints that I sold out of immediately with my handmade pouches over there. The teeth print, you guys!

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to tag me in any photos of goodies you may buy from this post. I want to see!!

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