my 26th birthday party

Most years I opt not have a birthday party. I’ll go out to my parents (because that’s not an option. They’d kill me if I didn’t!) but I ask them not to invite anyone else. I’m not crazy about being the center of attention, and I appreciate just spending time with them alone. This year when my mom asked “Do you want me to invite anyone else?” My response was “Fiiiiine!” Which doesn’t quite answer the question but makes it seem like I wasn’t secretly really excited to spend my birthday with my nieces and nephew who I really seem to be bonding with this summer.

I had been looking forward to it all week. Jeff and I planned to head out early in the morning so I could get my annual birthday outfit photos before anyone else got there. We ended up having to take a huge detour and when we finally got close to my parents it started to rain. My hair and the rain are not friends. Some people deal with frizz, I deal with the complete opposite. My hair goes flat flat flaaat when there is moisture in the air so I was not pleased. Luckily it stopped shortly before we got there and I got my photos taken with no problem at all. Disaster averted.

Right as the food was being taken off the grill a car pulled into the driveway. I probably would have been surprised to see my friends hanging out of the windows waving if my sister in law hadn’t just asked my mom “So, are Kaylah’s friends not coming?” My mom shot her the death look, and I just turned my head like “Oh! Didn’t hear that!” Haha. Despite not being surprised, I was super excited to have them there. But here’s where the real fun starts…

We start eating, and the thunder that had been rumbling for the past couple hours picks up. Rain starts to fall… a little bit harder… and a little bit harder until it’s finally POURING. My mom is starting to freak out again about how everything is ruined, and at anyone else’s house I’d probably agree but a torrential downpour is exactly what I wanted for my birthday. I’ve talked about it very briefly in the past (here!) and it hasn’t happened in a few years but when the rain comes down really hard at my parent’s house it creates a slide on the hill. All the water runs down in one stream, straight into the pond. When this happens it’s time to get dirty! You run, drop to your butt, and sliiiide. It’s honestly one of my favorite things in the world.

My twelve year old nephew was chomping at the bit to start sliding, and of course my five nieces were as well. They know it exactly what it means when it starts raining like that at grandpa and grandma’s house! I hesitated for a second figuring none of my friends would want to get absolutely filthy with me, especially considering the fact that nobody bought extra clothes, myself included. I ended up borrowing a shirt and sweats from my mom, and grabbed some clothes for my friends as well.

It was a BLAST. Everyone except Jake joined in! I’ve been dating Jeff for just over two years now and in that time it hasn’t rained good enough to slide down the hill. Totally not a big deal because he doesn’t like to get dirty anyway. I can’t even convince him to play in waterfalls with me! He’s just not a water dude. But on Sunday, even Jeff was sliding down the hill!! You guys, this is a huuuuge deal!

The rain stopped very shortly after we started sliding so the hill dried up pretty quickly. We weren’t able to slide as far anymore. After a few failed attempts at prolonging the fun with the hose and buckets of water from the pond, I gave up. Then “I’m just going in to rinse off in the pond” turned into spending a couple of hours floating around and taking turns jumping onto a mattress my dad blew up for the occasion.  

Yep, easily the best birthday party I’ve ever had and I think that’s saying a lot. My mom has always thrown me some pretty dope parties but that crazy rain and my friends really took it over the top this year. I still can’t believe that the weather worked out so perfectly, and more than that I really can’t believe my friends were down to get muddy and play in the pond with me, although I’m not sure how anyone could resist jumping onto a huge air mattress.

Also, there were pony rides at my party too?! So, uh, we’re gonna have to work pretty hard to top this next year…

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