on the cutting room floor – road trip edition!

A sort of different version of my regular on the cutting room floor series today. Jeff and I just got back from a road trip late last night. While I still haven’t even begun to go through all my photos there were a few I knew that didn’t fit into any of the posts I’d end up writing about the trip. I naively thought that we’d get home earlier yesterday and that I wouldn’t be exhausted today so I didn’t queue anything else but sharing some photos from the trip seems like a solid plan, right? Right!

Old friends of Jeff who now live in Maine asked him to shoot their wedding which he gladly accepted because it was a perfect excuse for us to take a trip. So last Thursday night after Jeff got off work, we dropped Klaus off at my parents house and hit the road. In four days we covered just over two thousand miles, and nine states! I fell stupid in love with New England (and all their amazing, old cemeteries.) I have SO many photos to sort through and tons and tons of things I can’t wait to talk about with y’all.

You guys, JUMANJI!

Quick highlights; 
▴ THE OCEAN. Duh. 
▴ Stumbling upon old cemeteries.
▴ Surprising Kristina in Boston. Seriously, the look on her face was worth the mile walk in the heat!
▴ DONUTS MADE FROM POTATOES. Literally the best donuts of my life. If you go near Portland, Maine you have to visit The Holy Donut. A friend recommended them, told us there would be a line, and that we should just get a dozen. Jeff and I both agreed there was no way we’d be able to eat a dozen of them because they were just donuts, right? NO. We could have killed a dozen of them, no sweat. All donuts are not created equal. 
▴ Visiting NYC for the very first time + being able to see the Statue of Liberty from our hotel room.
▴ Finally visiting a beach that’s been on my list for a very long time.
▴ Exploring my second abandoned hospital!

probably a million other things I can’t think of right now. Jeff and I
have this rapid fire way of traveling. We like to hit lots of spots in
short periods of time. It’s funny because we end up doing so many
amazing things that for a brief moment you can forget the
amazing thing you just did. It’s fun, and a little stressful but totally suits us. 


Well, I’m off to start catching up on everything including pet snuggles because my three babies sure missed me! I’ll share more about our trip oh so soon.

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