Pemaquid Point

Tidepool, Atlantic Ocean

The whole reason Jeff and I took the roadtrip to Maine was because a friend asked him to shoot their wedding. We had been talking about going up to Maine for a while but this was exactly the push we needed to finally get on the road. Saturday while he was busy doing wedding stuff I had the day to myself. Our hotel was in Waterville, about an hour and a half from the coast but I figured if I was already *this* close to the ocean there was no way I could not spend the day there.

I spent a great deal of time before the trip researching tide pools. My one and only experience with them on the west coast last summer left me anxious for more. I found a blog based around tide pool exploration in Maine and they listed one of their favorite spots as Pemaquid Point. So, when Jeff left the hotel to go shoot the bride getting ready I set off toward the ocean.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I arrived around an hour and a half before low tide, and basically had the place to myself. The weather was cool, and damp, a huge relief from the summer heat in Ohio. I wandered around the water by myself for a while until a stranger called out “Finding anything good?” “Nope! I’m not having any luck. This is only my second time at a tide pool.” I responded. He walked over and pointed out a few things including a cute little crab that I didn’t even end up photographing.

Despite the fact I found no other live creatures, it was still absolutely worth the drive from the hotel. I ooo-ed and ahhhh-ed at plant life, and exercised all my self control to not bring home every single shell and claw I found.

The ocean is pure magic. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lake Erie but the ocean is Until we meet again, Pemaquid Point!

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  • That looks absolutely beautiful. You didn't get shot of the crab, but found dead body parts to photograph haha. Love collecting rocks and shells. A tide pool would be a great spot to adventure. The ocean intimidates me. Still fascinated.
    While babysitting the other day, the mother was working on her computer. Turns around and asks what the acronym for Maine was. First off, Don't remember what an acronym is. Second, had thought she meant a for the words main or mane…

    • It was, especially before everyone got there. I'd probably have a different opinion if it were super crowded when I showed up but it was so awesome to have the place almost to myself for a while.

  • Maine is gorgeous. I used to live right on the border of New Hampshire & Maine, along the water, & while I don't miss my life there, I do miss living there, if that makes sense. It's just so pretty, so peaceful, so full of nature & inspiration & beauty. I'm dying to go back, & these photos only further those feelings!

    • That totally makes sense! I can't imagine how awesome it would be to live up there. We barely spent anytime up there but it was long enough that I would totally jump at the chance to move…LIKE RIGHT NOW.

  • I've been following your blog for a while but had to comment. I visited Pemaquid a couple of years ago, and completely fell in love with the place. So much so, that I've just got a Pemaquid tattoo ( Thank you for your beautiful post and a wonderful reminder of my trip. I really hope to go back one day! 🙂
    Melissa –

  • Looking around during low tide was my favorite thing to do while vacationing in Maine. I remember going from one little pocket of water to the next looking for all the animals who got stuck there while the tide pulled back. I would love to get a macro lens and try and get some sweet photographs of all the critters as an adult.