what I wore : twenty-six

Oh hey guys, what’s up? Did you hear the news? ITS MY BIRTHDAY! Wahoo! The big twenty-six this year! I don’t think anyone actually calls it “the big…” but it kind of feels like a big one. I’m on the other side of twenty-five now… and it feels exactly the same.

So far no special plans. I’ll probably spend my day wandering around the beach, hanging out at my new favorite coffee shop, and eating all my favorite foods! Literally went out last night and bought myself broccoli for today. Never in a million years would I have guessed that some day broccoli would be my favorite food, the one that I choose for my birthday lunch! But hey, that’s life. Always full of weird, delicious, surprises.

Here’s to starting off the next year of my life right!

Just because I love silly traditions here’s a peek back at previous year’s birthday outfit posts ft. balloons! 20132014+ 2015! Some things really never seem to change…

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