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Pets by Carvas, cat bowtie
bowtie by PETS by Carvas

A while ago in my Friday Favorites I featured a cat collar with a little bowtie on it… because dressed up pets will always be my favorite, duh! Then last week I got an email from the maker of that collar wanting to know if I’d like one for as a thank you. I accepted, and chose one I thought would look good on Professor. I figured I’d share a photo on instagram to thank them for their generosity but once I saw Professor in it there was no way I could keep all this cuteness to myself.

I was a little worried that he would scratch at it but I don’t think he has any idea that there is something different on his neck from his regular collar. Squid doesn’t wear a collar but Professor normally wears one with a little bell because he’s a trouble maker. With his bowtie he looks like a real professor! Plus the color really brings out his eyes. I took so many darn photos of this kitty. I could just eat him up. Anyway, enough talk! It’s time for photos…

siamese cat, bowtie, professor stingray
cat bowtie, bow collar

Hope you’re having a lovely Monday! Thanks again to PETS by Carvas for making Professor look even cuter than normal. Seeing him in it makes me smile every single time. I’m definitely going to need to get this guy another one.

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