Friday Favorites #380

It’s the time of the year where I start getting reeeeal excited about getting a new calendar! Look at this beautiful one.
 (via: Modcloth)
It’s also almost time to get my skeleton leggings out of the closet. It might be time to upgrade though, this pair has a print on both sides, and glow under UV light!
 (via: BADINKA)
The coin purse of my dreams!
 (via: Plasticland)
A perfect top for fall!
 (via: Modcloth)
Like everyone else in the world, I watched and LOVED Stranger Things. I am loving all the fan art popping up around the internet. This print might be one of my favorites I’ve seen so far.
 (via: Quyen Dinh)
The cuuuuutest! (I have axolotl fever right now, okay?)
Not only is this holographic nail polish super pretty, it also has really good reviews!
 (via: ILNP)
 A clear bag isn’t necessarily something I’d ever want to use – my bag, my secretssss – so why am I so attracted to it!?
 (via: Atelier AYD)
AH! This vase!!
These vintage glasses are SO pretty! Actually, the whole shop is full of beautiful vintage frames! It’s hard to choose a favorite.
 (via: Plasticland)

Link love…

▴ If you like my giant medical dude, I found the same on for sale on etsy right now! I’ve seen tons of similar things but never the same one. Pretty rad!
This might be one of the most strange novelty purses I’ve ever seen…
▴ If you’re looking for a pizza costume for your cat, I found it for you! Also bread!
▴ Just five pairs of really silly puppy socks. (For you, not for puppies. Although, I wouldn’t judge you if you put them on puppies.)
▴ I’m dreaming of this ridiculous hanging chair in a big, beautiful, brick loft.
▴ This cat sweater says it’s “what you would wear if you were a cat”… and it totally is!

PS. Labor Day Sales have started!!!

Modcloth has a HUGE sale section with items marked way down! I really really love this bicycle print dress.
EVERYTHING is on sale at Moorea Seal, even new arrivals, with code laborday!

Happy Friday!!

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