lapel pin collection – updated

Back in October of last year I shared photos of my lapel pin collection which has only continued to grow since then. Even if you don’t remember that post, you’ve probably noticed in my what I wore
posts that I kind of have a thing for accessories. Fun necklaces, rings,
brooches, lapel pins, etc. I love them all. I 100% do not abide by the
quote “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one
accessory.” I basically do the opposite. Before leaving the house I
usually look in the mirror to make sure I have at least a few eye
catching things on.

Lapel pins are super hip right now. I’m
ashamed to admit that I’m usually kind of sour when things I love become
super popular but there are so many independent companies out there
making them and you can find one for just about any interest you may
have. Seriously, I have one about beach combing! I’ve welcomed this boom with open arms. I love finding new brands
with lapel pins. They’re small, and usually cost less then $10 a piece
so they’re easy to collect. They’re also a really awesome way to support
creative folks and their businesses (…at least that’s how I justify having so many!)

A few weeks back I upgraded the bulletin board I display my pins on. The old one, a three dollar score from the Target dollar spot, finally ran out of room. I was able to find something with a little bit more space in the same place, the dollar section at Target! You just can’t beat it for three bucks! My new one holds a bunch more, and displays them beautifully.

It would be crazy hard to link to where each of the pins are from so
instead I’ll link to some of the folks I own pins from and then you can
blame me when you blow all your money on pins!
Valley Cruise Press
Explorer’s Press
Asilda Store 

These Are Things 
Kodiak Milly 
Bunny Dee
Studio Coup
No Fun Press 
Fair Goods 
Finest Imaginary 
Two Ghouls Press
I like cats
Thora Ford Jewelry

If you see a pin in my collection that you can’t seem to find in the links above, just ask!  

Do you collect lapel pins? I would love to see your collection!

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