Roswell, New Mexico


The second night of our 3rd annual trip out west we had a hotel booked in Roswell. This was/is super exciting to me for two reasons...

One – when I was in middle school I was obsessed with aliens. I read every book I could find on them. I had all sorts of alien accessories, and probably wanted nothing more than to actually see some. While I’m not as into them as I was then, I definitely still believe in aliens and there is special place in my heart that loves all tacky alien related things.

Two – Roswell has been somewhere I have wanted to go for yeeears. A long time ago, toward the beginning of The Dainty Squid, I was working with a company and the person in charge of their social media stuff, Kiran, was super friendly. I remember making small talk with him, and he mentioned something about how he had just gotten back from a roadtrip and how cool Roswell was. He sent me a bunch of photos of silly alien stuff and from the second I saw those photos I knew I had to go to Roswell.  It would be years before I ever made it out west, and then a few more years before I made it to Roswell but Kiran put the bug under my skin to want to travel. I know I’ve talked a few times about how I felt stuck in my pre-Cleveland life, and traveling anywhere just seemed like something I’d never do. To finally get there felt amazing, and way more special than I could ever explain.


We drove into Roswell, and immediately checked into the our hotel room. I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw on the drive through but felt like I needed to give it a real chance. So that evening, while Jeff napped, I went out with just my camera and wandered around Roswell by foot. It didn’t take long before I was completely enthralled. Every where you look is something alien related. It’s incredibly tacky, in the best way. The town has a handful of alien gift shops, and a UFO museum but even the “regular” businesses had aliens sprinkled into their advertising. There was a furniture store with little aliens relaxing on their couches!! The thing that surprised me the most was that no one has cashed in and made an alien themed hotel. I mean, even McDonalds is shaped like UFO there! As soon as someone builds one, I’ll be back!

even the street lights are aliens!

If you aren’t into aliens, or didn’t go through an alien phase at some point in your life, you probably wouldn’t think Roswell was all that special. While they definitely could do more to make it a better tourist trap, it’s still a lovely little town. I’m so happy to finally be able to cross it off my list.

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  • Gah! This is so cool! I've always thought I would absolutely despise living in a tourist town, but I could make an exception for Roswell just by looking at these photos. I would LOVE to be immersed in Alien culture every day! I have to give the X-Files credit for fueling a large portion of my Alien fanatacism, and the rest to my grandma for always telling me about her own personal ufo sightings.

  • My sister and I have been planning a trip to Roswell for so long and we're finally doing it (this weekend!). Such funny timing when I saw you were there. Everyone I've talked to has warned me that there's "not much there" but I'm glad you recognize the value of a tacky little tourist trap town. I'm so excited to finally get to go!

    • It's definitely true there isn't much there but there also isn't much to see at the giant basket, or dead horse bay! It's all about perspective! I think you're going to love it.

      Have fun! I can't wait to see all your photos. 🙂

  • Oh my goooosh! I visited Roswell a few years back, and it's so funny because I took some of the same photos, haha (I suppose most people do!). We walked around the downtown and ended up eating at that Mexican restaurant with the mural – SUCH GOOD FOOD. Did you go to the museum? That was probably my favorite part. I went through an alien phase when I was younger, too, after the movie Signs came out (still one of my faves). Might have to dig out my "I Believe" shirt today…

  • Ha! I love that sign: What happens in Roswell… DID NOT HAPPEN.

    Shawn is dying to go to Roswell! (And Area 51…) It's on our list of stops for whenever we finally go on our cross-country road trip…

  • These photos are so cool! I love places like this. When I was a kid up until, heck like five years ago, I was TERRIFIED of aliens. Every time I looked out a dark window I was afraid I would see an alien staring back at me. But even though they scared me, I have always been intrigued by them. Roswell looks so cool and is always the first town I think of when I imagine going out west. It's definitely on my list of places to visit, especially since I finally got over my alien fear 😉

  • My hubby & I drove through there last year. We didn't get to stop, only long enough for me to snap pictures of all the aliens! Oh, and the spaceship McDonalds! It does look like a cool city!

    We actually were there when Ozzy & Jack Osborne were there filming their show. Of course, I didn't find out till the day after! I was SO bummed! That would've been a cool sighting!