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jean jacket, back patch
the dainty squid, black dress, cleveland, fashion blog, green hair, ootd


jean jacket – thrifted
glasses – Prism c/o EyeBuyDirectUse code “IFDBDUYWY8” for $10 off your first order

back patch – Valley Cruise Press
shoes – TJ Maxx

This is my dancin’ outfit! Or at least it was the night I wore it. The week before last I went to see Astronautalis (who is still on tour, hitting all fifty states. Go see him and thank me later!) I have very mixed feelings about concerts. Part of me loves them, loves to get sweaty, and dance with lots of strangers buuut the other part of me can’t understand why in the world I would ever think it was a good idea to purchase tickets and commit myself to such activities. I swear, I don’t think there has ever been a concert, even for my favorite band, that I didn’t try to weasel my way out of an hour before the show started. Definitely glad I went though. Not only was Astronautalis awesome, the opening band, Oxymorrons, blew my mind. I seriously LOVED them. I’ve never in my life seen a crowd go so wild for the opener. Their energy was off the charts. You can listen to a bunch of their music on their website but the experience of seeing them live is like nothing you could ever get through a screen.

PS Check out the last time I shared this dress here. For once, it’s actually something different than pictured in this post. 😉


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