Cleveland Rocks!

by Kaylah Stroup
skyline, sunset, cleveland, abandoned

Welp, that might be the cheesiest post title I’ve ever written (yeah, probably not…) but with the first game of the World Series tonight and our team playing I couldn’t not share something related to the city I love today. I’m not huge on sports but I will always root for Cleveland. I was downtown when the Cavs brought home the championship, and I’m looking forward to being there when Cleveland brings home another big, big win! I digress…

Last weekend was super busy. My nephew’s first birthday party, photoshoots for upcoming posts*, a long exhausting hike at Whipps Ledges, dinner with my brother, and geocaching. I’m certainly not complaining, I love weekends like this. Staying busy is essential this time of the year when the sun sets SO early. I know it’s still early in the season but I am already feeling the blues that come with cooler weather.

Sunday evening ended with a trip to the roof of one of Cleveland’s most popular abandoned buildings. This spot was one of the first Jeff took me when we started dating. It was actually the first place we held hands! Awww! So despite not really having too many new photo opportunities, it holds a special place in my heart. That and it has one of the absolute best skyline views!

skyline, sunset, cleveland, abandoned
sad ugly, sticker, graffiti, cleveland, rooftop
cleveland, abandoned
cleveland, abandonedm graffiti

Sunsets never get old for me. I recently read about a scientific study that showed watching the sunset made people feel so full of awe that it slows down their perception of time. I’ve definitely experienced that time and time again. I love them so much, especially when I get to watch them with my friends in this city I love so deeply.

*I love how much fancier that sounds than what it really was – Jeff and I struggling to get a nice family photo with all three pets in front of a huge black table cloth. Hilarity ensued, photos to come! 😉

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