my 8 favorite beauty products!

“Beauty blogging” is something I’m always dipping my toes in but can never seem to commit to. I’m a dabbler in make-up. I love to try new things but most doesn’t stick around for too long so I never get around to blogging about it. I’m not incredibly talented and could probably use a few pointers from friends but I do have a short list of beauty products I LOVE and purchase over and over again.

My 8 favorite beauty products!
Hask Placenta. I think in all of my hair related posts I’ve made it abundantly clear how much I love Hask Placenta. It’s hair magic, you guys! That’s all I’ve got to say about that!

Coconut oil. Hi! Welcome to the internet. Have you heard about our lord and savior, coconut oil? Seriously though, coconut oil is a must have and just about everyone ever has written a post about it. I use coconut oil for A LOT of different things. My top three uses – to shave with, make-up remover, and oil pulling. If you search on Google, there are literally lists upon lists of what you can do with it. Once you try shaving with coconut oil though, you’ll never want to use anything else again. Sooo smooooth. It’s also Professor ‘s favorite product. That little cat just hears me pick up the jar and comes running. It’s good for pet’s coats! I usually give him a small amount or else he just licks it off my legs.

Argan oil. I only started using argan oil when I got my curling wand last month but I will never be without it again. It makes my hair so shiny, and so soft without making it greasy. It also makes my hands super soft in the process, and I love the way it smells! I feel like it makes my hair twice as pretty!

St. Ives Timeless Skin Facial Moisturizer. I’m pretty forgetful when it comes to putting lotion on any part of my body other than my face (probably because I’m already so silky from coconut oil! Hah!) but I always use moisturizer after hopping out of the shower. I’ve tried a handful of others but always come back to St. Ives. This stuff leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized but never greasy.

Seche Vite. You NEED this top coat. Seche Vite is the top coat of all top coats. It dries quickly and keeps my nails chip free for days. Since originally discovering it years ago I haven’t painted my nails once without finishing up with this stuff.

Maybelline colorblur lip pencil. Despite having bought and tried LOTS of different lipsticks, I still feel fairly inexperienced in the whole world of lip color. I’ve found a handful things I love, a few that I hated, a couple that I don’t know how I existed without.  My-My Magenta and I Like to Mauve It are two colors I own of this line and gah! they’re so good. They feel really nice on your lips, and the color lasts! I kind of want to buy a lifetime supply just in case they ever get discontinued.

NYX Illuminating Stick. I bought this on a whim and was kind of shocked with how much I came to love this stuff! It comes in a variety of colors. I randomly chose “chardonnay shimmer” which was the perfect choice. One quick swipe in each spot I want to shimmer, a tiny bit of blending, and I have beautiful highlights!

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundations. I found this stuff through youtube one day. It was more than I ever wanted to spend on a single item of makeup but after watching the infomercial on QVC I couldn’t resist. I LOVE this stuff. Reading over the reviews I see that they’re actually pretty mixed right now but a lot of the complaints sound like what happens when you apply too much. A little bit goes a long way! This stuff is so easy to apply and gives me effortless full coverage in no time at all.

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Notable mentions!
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. Probably the best eyeliner out there! Why is it only a notable mention? Because I don’t currently own any. I wanted this post to be things I genuinely always have on hand. Despite loving this eyeliner I often purchase different brands when I run out of it because I like to try new things. I always come back to it though!

Jojoba Oil. Makes an excellent make-up remover (some people even claim it makes your eyelashes grow!) You can put it in your hair to make it smooth and shiny. Rub on your hands for beautiful cuticles. I even use it to shine my plugs! Why is it only a notable mention? Because since finding coconut oil I don’t use it as often. I felt the need to include it though since I know some people aren’t interested in using coconut oil.

Tinted lip balms! Tinted lip balms are my go-to when I don’t want to commit to lipstick for the day. Why are they only a notable mention? I don’t have a favorite brand, and in all honesty, I’ve never tried one I didn’t like. My top three right now are Burt’s Bees in Rose, NYX butter lip balm in panna cotta, and Wet N’ Wild natural blend in spice.

▴ Under eye circles are the bane of my existence, luckily I’ve found some products that treat dark circles here.

What are some of your all time favorite beauty products?

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  • Granted I found your blog when searching for bright hair color tips, I really appreciate that your blog isn't about beauty. It's refreshing to see a girl online that simply does what she loves. I think we can do a lot more than just talk about what product makes us look like the perfect barbie. You're incredibly awesome and I love your style. I've grown up in Cleveland, and I think you've seen and experienced more of the awesomeness of this city than I could ever do. So please don't ever go too deep into the beauty blogging and please keep on with the awesome content that's super alternative to the typical girl blog! 🙂

  • I love coconut oil too. It is the BEST eyeliner remover I've ever used!
    My must haves are Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner, it goes on so easily and the one I have has lasted me three months so far, using it every day! Makes it so easy to get that perfect cat eye! I also love rosehip oil. I have contact dermatitis, so have always had problems with redness on my face. Rosehip is rich in vitamin A, which helps to "normalize skin cells" and has made a HUGE difference in my skin! I use 5 drops on my face every morning and night.

  • I love your blog and I love your style. I like your beauty posts because you're not posting 1001 reviews that get lost, you just share what you like and what works for you.

    Seche Vite was life changing for me lol. I've tried other more affordable or easily attainable options but none come close.