Tip Top Cereal Company – abandoned

by Kaylah Stroup

There haven’t been many abandoned building in my life this year. The few I have gotten have been pretty darn epic (Knox County Poorhouse and Kings Park Psychiatric Center for example!) but compared to the last two years the number of “smalls”, as my friends and I call them, has been… well, small.

Obviously I love the big stuff! Hospitals definitely rank among my favorite abandoned buildings to explore but there’s something special about the smaller buildings. Abandoned houses, storefronts, and the like are all “smalls.” There isn’t as much ground to cover compared to other buildings, and they tend to get passed over by most people but sometimes they’re even more interesting because of that. The amount of foot traffic in larger, more popular buildings means they probably have more graffiti and less things left inside.

That point is kind of void in the building showcased in this post since except for a few random chairs, #theresalwaysachair, it was empty. The whole idea of explaining that was just to say that sometimes even I don’t give enough credit to these small buildings. I had biked, walked, and driven by this one numerous times and hadn’t given it a second thought. Over the weekend Jeff and I happened to be wandering around the area and without even discussing it kind of just made our way inside.

While, like I mentioned above, there wasn’t too much to see inside I’m still super excited about my photos. The last few times I’ve been somewhere abandoned I felt like I wasn’t shooting as well as I knew I could which is super frustrating. This time though, I felt like a creepy old man photographing a beautiful woman while shouting “Yesss, baby! Work it! You’re looking so hot right now!” Please tell me know exactly the sort of image I’m describing. I felt like I was shooting really good photos aaaand upon editing them, I don’t feel any differently. I know to most people all the photos of these places with peeling paint and water damaged walls probably start to look the same but I definitely feel like these are some of my best. Thanks for putting up with me, you guys! 😉 I’ve been feeling a little blue lately so to get photos that I’m really happy with feels nice and is super encouraging.

exiting through a window since a door slammed downstairs. Thanks for the adventure, WIND!

I’d presume most people at one point or another daydream about things they’d do if they were super rich. One of my favorite “If I were rich…” topics to ramble about to anyone who will listen is which abandoned building I’d buy and renovate. My answer changes between a few different ones depending on what day you ask me, and which one of my favorites I’ve most recently visited. While we were inside this one I couldn’t stop thinking about what an awesome house it would make. It just had such a cozy layout, and lots of interesting views. I grew quite fond of this little place. Its had an interesting past in it’s ninety-one years, supposedly at one point it was even a bar downstairs and a cathouse on the second level! Shame it probably won’t last much longer.

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