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zum andenken

For the longest time I’ve been saying “someone should make a cemetery finder app!” It sounds like a super niche product but I know I’m not the only person out there whose idea of a good time is wandering around an old cemetery. Google is obviously a great resource but it has its limits, plus it’s not convenient to use when you’re already out and about (…and don’t really even know where you are!) Recently I searched in the app store using the keyword “cemetery”, something I thought I had done before at least a handful of times, but something new popped up! Find A Grave has an app! I genuinely don’t understand how it eluded me for so long, especially since I’m frequently on their website. I’ve been using the app basically every time I leave the house. It’s amazing how many tiny, old cemeteries are around that I never knew about!

After visiting Achor Valley Cemetery I wasn’t ready to head home yet. I wanted to make the most of my day and the nearly two hour drive so I decided to check the app and see what else was around. There were lots of small cemeteries but I wanted something a little more substantial, somewhere worth the drive. I ended up choosing Unity Brick Church Cemetery.

It was a short drive from where I already was but upon pulling into the parking lot I thought maybe it wasn’t the place for me. From my car, to the right of the church, I could only see newer graves, many decorated with flowers. I figured I should hop out and get a better look before giving up. Behind the church I could see some older looking headstones in the distance so I grabbed my camera and started walking.

It wasn’t until I got close enough to read them that I realized just how old. Early 1800s! YES! There was a large chunk of these headstones back there with a few more hiding out in the woods. The cemetery was very well maintained (Aside from random headstones in the woods. Not sure why those weren’t taken care of…?)  I definitely wasn’t expecting to find such interesting headstones in this tiny churchyard. I particularly enjoy finding ones in other languages. There really isn’t too much of that in Ohio, so it’s always new and exciting for me. I had never seen the phrase “zum andenken” before, it translates to “in memory”. Such a solid find!

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Unity Brick Church cemetery certainly wasn’t the largest cemetery I’ve ever been to but it was definitely a great way to end my trip. This place on top of visiting another beautiful old cemetery with bonus abandoned church made this a pretty darn awesome day. You know, aside from the fact my car pooped out on me on the way home but more on that another day.

I always say I want to make little day drives like this something that happen more often but haven’t really gotten in the habit. I think the Find A Grave app might change that!

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  • How cool such an app exists! Old headstones are always so much more artistic looking. If you're ever in New Jersey, there's this really cool tiny forgotten family cemetery from the 1700s back in the woods, right next to the supposed "Jersey Devil" house remains. When I first found it years ago I did research and discovered it was only about 10 family members. I think most of the headstones are knocked over now, but it's still pretty amazing.

    • That's so awesome! I love little cemeteries like that. I'm hoping with this app I'll be able to find a lot more that I may have otherwise never know exists. Fingers crossed for creepy ones in the middle of the woods! 🙂

  • I'll definitely have to check that app out next time we travel! Florida is super limited in cool gravestones, especially near where I live, but I'm sure it could help me find some neat ones I didn't know about.

    Kaili | weirdwonderfulwanderlust.blogspot.com