Hartsgrove Center Cemetery

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Over four years ago, on the way to go camping, I stumbled upon a beautiful foggy cemetery. It was one of the first cemeteries I ever blogged about and it was definitely the first foggy cemetery I ever shot photos of. Check out the post here. For a looong time those photos, although technically not the best, held the title of my favorites. I mean, what could be more spooky than a foggy cemetery?

It never gets all that foggy here, and when it does it usually never really reaches any of the cemeteries, at least not that I’ve ever been able to witness. It tends to stay a lot closer to the lake. All these years I have been waiting for the opportunity to shoot two of my favorite photo subjects, fog and headstones, together again. Other than an abandoned house, I don’t think there could be anything more perfect to shoot surrounded by fog.

My parents live around an hour away from my house. Half of the drive is highway, and the second half is back roads. I went to visit them the weekend before last and as soon as I got off the highway I hit a wall of fog. Not like “Oh, it’s a little bit foggy. Cool!” but like “HOLY COW, I cannot see the car directly in front me.” It was basically zero visibility. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pull over and shoot but I knew that I had to take the opportunity to get some photos.

When I remembered those photos from a few years ago and that a small cemetery was coming up in a few miles – my mind was made! The fog had cleared a bit before I made it there but it was still an absolutely beautiful sight! It took four years but I fiiiiinally got the photos I wanted. Paired with the gorgeous autumn leaves, I really don’t think these could have come out any prettier. I am so pleased!

falls, leaves, headstone, cemetery, ohio
cemetery, ohio, hartsgrove

One of my favorite things about fog is how it highlights all the spiderwebs! Such works of art.

While writing this post and searching back through the blog under the keyword “fog” to find the links to old posts I realized that they almost all start the same – about how we just don’t get much fog here and how excited I am to shoot it. I’m starting to build quite the collection of foggy photos. It’s still not getting old for me though! I am so jealous of you guys who live in foggy areas, although I’d probably miss the chase of rushing to a location before the sun burns the fog off.

cemetery explorin’ buddy.

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