It’s the little things…

like crisp autumn days + finding all the super tiny pieces of beach glass.

I didn’t mind the winter so much as a child, it meant playing in the snow! These last few years though, the season has hit me harder and harder. It just gets dark so early! It hasn’t snowed yet and it’s not even technically winter but already I feel like it’s taking a toll on me. Each year I understand a little better why people retire to Florida. Although my choice would be Arizona…

Luckily this November has been really, really amazing. Aside from a few rainy days, there has been lots of sunshine! I’ve been trying my best to soak it all up whenever possible. This is my perfect beach weather. Late in the season so there aren’t many people. Its cool enough to wear a coat, and warm enough to not wear gloves. Plus nothing beats the crispness of late autumn! Something about leaves falling on the beach is just really beautiful.

Last week I spent a nice little chunk of my day wandering around the beach, picking up tiny pieces of beach glass, and enjoying the crunch of the leaves underneath my feet. I find searching for glass and arranging it in some sort of order so relaxing. It’s absolutely one of my favorite ways to decompress. I also, of course, love the idea of someone else finding my little arrangement after I’ve left.

gradient, cleveland, beach glass
edgewater park, cleveland

I hope we get at least a few more crisp autumn days this year!

PS. Don’t forget to check out my tips for finding beach glass!

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  • Edgewater has so many nostalgic memories for me. I feel like a kid as soon as I'm there again. Growing up on the west side (Lakewood is my hometown) I always get some kind of warm fuzzy feeling seeing the skyline from the west. I get similar feelings driving on The Shoreway.

    I know what you mean about why people retire to X-Sunshine City. I didn't realize it until I think it was two years ago that I likely suffer from some kind of Seasonal Affective Disorder. The long grey days are hard for me. That's why I'm so happy about all the sun we've been having. If I have to be cooped up in my home office all day, at least the leaves are beautiful and the sun is out!

    • I feel that. I get those same feelings even though it's still my home. I love driving back to Cleveland after being away for a day or so and seeing the skyline in the distance.

  • Looks so lovely! I love the winter here – it feels as if the city empties out and you can breathe and explore. Also, snow is much more fun when you don't have to drive in it 😉

  • we always want what we don't have. It's 24/7 sunshine here in SoCal and I hate it. 80s all week long and 90 degrees tomorrow. shorts and tank top season in November is just a little depressing in it's own way. ironically i'm moving to Washington cause of the 6 year drought in 6 states on this side of the country the summers are getting hotter each year and the houses weren't built for this heat so it honestly just getting dangerous for our dog living in a apartment that doesn't have A/C.