just a gratuitous pet post…

 donut squeaky toy – under $10 + makes me smile every time I see Klaus with it. SO worth it. 

A few years ago I was really into taking photos of my pets and sharing them on the blog. I would often have posts that were just a bunch of photo of cats, and Klaus. No real message, or purpose, just “look at my cute pets”. Eventually I fell out of the habit of it. I miss sharing those photos, and always felt like I needed to take more but it just didn’t appeal to me. The other day I figured out why. I don’t want to say there are only so many different shots you can take, because creativity should solve that, but yeah, in general, there are only so many different shots you can take in the same house. Klaus is easier because I can get photos of him outside. The cats lives exist indoors only though. I have enough photos of them on my big blue couch. No matter how many times I take another shot, even if it’s six months later, it’s still going to be essentially the same. Does that make sense?

My three critters and I will be leaving this apartment in under a month. (You should probably read this post if you missed that little announcement.) All those photos I was so tired of, I’m now trying to soak them up. Capture those moments that have been the same since we moved in two years ago and put them in a bottle (uh, my computer?) to save forever.

The photo above makes me laugh so hard because it reminds me of my all time favorite movie, Forrest Gump. Theres that scene where Jenny brings Forrest back to her dorm and her roommate wakes up to hear their conversation. Here’s a screenshot if you’re not familiar. That’s exactly what Klaus’ face looks like, especially with that ear up like he’s listening.

Below is the scene I’ll probably miss most from this apartment, each of the animals in their own sunspot. One any given day, this is where you can find them. These three are all massive cuddle bugs, but NEVER together. They will only cuddle with Jeff and I so them laying in this little arrangement together is about as close to cuddling as they get. I hope the animals will be able to find a similar spot in the new apartment to lounge in the sun.

Look at that smile! It looks like a nervous smile and I was originally going to type something about how maybe it’s because he’s nervous about the move but who am I kidding? That dog, although he loves me very much, definitely likes Jeff more. Those two are BFFS. I think his little puppy heart might explode when he realizes that Jeff lives with him.

I’m really excited for the five of us to live together. All of the animals love Jeff, even Squid who literally only liked me until he came around. He’s super sweet with them and definitely loves them but I’m excited for him to know them I know them. Which, good grief, sounds like the craziest thing I’ve ever typed but, just like people, I don’t really think you can know pets until you live with them. These three just bring so much joy to my life, I’m excited for someone else to experience it like I do.

Moving will probably be all I talk about for a while. I’m just super excited, as I’m sure you can imagine. Being able to photograph the cats in a new location will definitely be a plus too! πŸ˜‰

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