moving, yet again!

Yesterday I got a text from my landlord saying that after the handful of showings she’d done someone was interested in renting my apartment! If you haven’t been catching all the hints I’ve been dropping these last few weeks you’re probably like “whaaaat?” but I’m moving!! Ahh! Yes, for the third time in just as many years. This one will hopefully be for a lot longer though. There’s nothing wrong with where I live now aside from some gross neighbors. I have two bedrooms, a porch, washer and dryer, and I’m pretty attached to my living room. I’m definitely settled in. Buuuut Jeff and I are moving in together! Double ahhhh!

I’ve been looking diligently for what feels like forever. I’d say we both started seriously looking after getting back from our trip out west though. We had a specific neighborhood in mind. Our must haves were two bedrooms, washer and dryer, and that pets were allowed – of course. Let me just say it was stupid hard to find. I’d see the perfect place then see the two worst words, “no pets”, and the search would start all over again. I know it wasn’t that long of a search, all things considered, but I can’t lie, it was starting to feel hopeless. It felt like what we were looking for, in our price range, just didn’t exist or stay on the market long enough for us to find it.

One evening Jeff and I were walking around the neighborhood we want to live in when he mentioned an apartment listing he’d seen and how it looked like the coolest spot ever, except for the fact it said “no dogs!” I knew exactly the apartment he was talking about because I had seen it too and though “Oh my gosh, Jeff would love this place!” When I got home that evening I emailed the guy telling him what a precious pup Klaus is and how he’s basically the best dog ever. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, right? He emailed me back almost instantly and said to give him a call.

We ended up going to see the apartment and despite it’s flaws – being in the wrong neighborhood, awkward layout, top of our price range, etc – we filled out an application! We definitely both felt uneasy about it but we were looking on the bright side, we’d finally be living together! I was already brainstorming all the ways I’d deal with the quirks of this place, and how tremendously outdated it was.  I really had my heart set on another neighborhood, and the lack of windows meant I’d easily get depressed. That’s not to say this place didn’t have it’s upsides though. I tried to write off any hesitations as some normal nervousness involved with moving in together.

 I am very much looking forward to combining my weird things with Jeff’s weird things. True love, amiright?

The guy made it sound like we basically had the place so I contacted my current landlord to let her know she’d most likely hear from this new guy and that I’d be moving. She text me back to let me know she was sorry to see me go, that I had been a great tenant and that if this fell through she had a place in Tremont that they were in the process of renovating. Let me stop this little story right now to tell you that is the neighborhood we wanted to be in all along!!! I took a screenshot and sent it to Jeff who was all “get more details! now!” She described it and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I think that Jeff and I were both sold before even seeing it.

We obviously went and checked it out as soon as humanly possible. It’s literally everything we were looking for,  and exactly where we want to be. Plus we get the bonus of keeping my landlord which is great because she’s wonderful! Jeff and I keep asking each other questions about the new place because we were both so excited that it’s all kind of a blur. One thing I know for sure is that IT HAS A STINKEN CLAW FOOT TUB. Hah! Seriously, I have wanted one for as long as I can remember!! That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Needless to say, I mailed our deposit the next day! In a few short weeks, which are dragging obviously, I’ll be in a brand new apartment with my handsome boyfriend and our pets. AHHHH!

So yeah, that’s whats going on right now in Dainty Squid land. I’ll obviously be sharing more about our new place when the time comes but for now I just had to get that off my chest before I explode. I hate talking about things before they happen, in case something falls through, but with my current apartment now being rented, and the deposit check cashed, it’s all feeling very real… AND VERY EXCITING.

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