Friday Favorites #396

This coat is mighty expensive but it has cat shaped pockets! Duuude!
(via: Modcloth)
I absolutely love Ben Constantine’s style. I would be soooo stoked to have a portrait of me and my critters done by him. I’ve been thinking for a while now how much I’d love to start a collection of portraits by a bunch of different artists of me and the animals but that could end up being a very, very expensive collection... but it’d be rad!
 (via: Plump Oyster)
For a limited time, Brit+Co is offering some of their amazing online classes for FREE! You can find the ones offered for free here, but seriously, don’t stop there. Their whole catalog of courses is super tempting!
(via: Brit+Co)
THIS BRA, y’all!
Build your own stag beetle!
 (via: AssembliShop)
This lapel pin, while quite obviously not everyone’s taste, is pretty darn rad!
 (via: Little Wounds)
See that lamp? I am OBSESSED with that lamp. I oogle it every time I walk into Target. It’s just so pretty!
(via: Target)
Look at these nail decals!!
 (via: Tattify)
Until the 3rd Modcloth is having a big sale on their sale items aaaand my all time favorite shorts are seriously seriously seriously marked down. Originally $39.99 but with the coupon code they’re only $8.39! You should probably buy at least two pairs.
(via: Modcloth)

Link love…
▴ Always a fan of a pair of good lookin’ strappy black flats!
▴ Since discovering them many years ago, there hasn’t been a period of time where I didn’t have cute decals on my keyboard. It’s about time for an upgrade. I kinda dig these ones, not crazy about the space bar though. And this pink set is super cute. Mixed Decal actually has a huge selection of awesome sets!
▴ How cute is this little skull ring?!
▴ On the subject of kind of weird but cute jewelry – this fly necklace!
▴ Send help! I’m oversized cardigan obsessed.

Happy Friday!!

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