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I’m very excited to move. Maybe a little too excited to move…  I’ve been an anxious mess this last week because life just feels like it’s in limbo. I really do not enjoy not knowing what date I’ll actually be moving. I could get a text this week that the apartment is ready or it could be next year (Goodness, I hope not!) As hard as I try not to be, I’m horribly impatient. I have all my knick-knacks packed up and my shelves are empty. The majority of things have been taken off my walls and this place just doesn’t feel like home anymore. I’ve always been very weird and protective of my things. I love having a clean, organized space for all the things that make me happy to be displayed and without that something just feels off.

I’ve been struggling to do just about everything these last few days. Being self employed you don’t really get sick days. I mean, I can take as many days off as I want but it’ll come back to bite me in the butt when it’s time to pay the bills. I’ve wasted so much time sitting at my computer desk just staring at the screen trying to find the right words to type to appear positive, and save face but the truth is I just feel like a bubble wrap puppy.*

Instead of sleeping until it’s time to move, which lets be real is exactly what I want to do, I thought it might be helpful to talk about my feelings, and try to search for ways to make myself feel more like myself. I know that I need to work but sometimes it’s more important to take a step back and deal with your feelings first. Just like when you’re stuck in the mud, you can’t sit and spin your tires forever. You have to take a different approach. That’s why today I’m setting out to have the perfect day!

Some of the very few odds and ends that aren’t packed up yet. I just got this tiny glass display box from Moorea Seal, I cannot wait to actually put something cool in it. Maybe a tiny skull?

I guess there are lots of forms of perfect days. There is the kind I can accomplish by myself, just quality alone time. Then there is the perfect day spent with friends. I’m not talking about crazy once in a lifetime perfect days like your wedding, or some incredible vacation but the kind of really great day that is like a reset button. Sometimes leaving the city and visiting my parents for the day is just that, and other times a day out exploring with my friends does the job. 

My perfect day spent alone involves cleaning my apartment first thing after waking up. I know, I know. What a weirdo. Not a ton of cleaning though, just enough to make you feel accomplished. I guess in this case, it would involve packing up another little corner of my apartment instead of cleaning. Doing my hair and make up, and putting on an outfit that makes me feel like a million bucks. Then going shopping… or rather browsing. My favorite stores are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods. Basically the same store just under different names. I don’t even need to buy anything. There are days when I truly just enjoy looking at things, feeling fabrics, and trying on things I have no intention of purchasing. Just being out and about is always good for my mental health. After shopping I’d wander around a cemetery or hit up the beach, both are equally relaxing places for me. Then I’d come home and make dinner. Nothing super complicated but something that involves a little bit of work then some time in the oven or on the stove. Something that warms the house and fills every room with its tasty aroma. Chorizo stuffed peppers! To end the evening, I’d cuddle up on the couch with Klaus and the cats, actually find a good documentary to watch, and paint my nails. I may not paint my nails as fancy as I used to but it’s still one of my favorite things to do.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

*Okay so, “bubble wrap puppy” is what Jeff and I say when I’m feeling super sensitive. It is based on this meme.  Ex. “What’s wrong?” “I don’t know, I just feel like a bubble wrap puppy today.”

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  • Don't worry about it girlyq, even though it pays the bills it is okay to take a "sick" day because of too much stress, and to just have some me time.
    But I totally get where you're coming from. A couple of weeks ago I was told that we're getting new appliances. I was nervous as heck and didn't know what it'd be happening, and then I was told it would ALLLLL happen this afternoon. "OKAY??" (rushes around the house with crazy cleaning skills)

    • I secretly love rush cleaning. I was doing a lot of it while my landlord was showing the apartment I live in now. She'd be like "Oh, can I show it today at five?" and I'd be like "Uh…sure…" and then have to clean everything super quick. I'm good under pressure… most of the time. šŸ˜›

  • Your perfect day sounds so comforting! I feel like I definitely need a day like this soon as well. A lot of the time I get so hung up on all of the things that I need to get done, and instead of doing them I get so overwhelmed by the list that I turn into Mopey Mindi and do nothing. Perhaps I need to plan re-set days like this at least once a month. My perfect day would involve getting up with the sun, buzzing my hair fresh, and then heading out for a full day of hiking and exploring a new trail with my camera (which I've sadly been neglecting lately). Afterwards I would come home, fill my bath full of LUSH goodies, cook up something quick and comforting for dinner, snuggle up with a blanket and my kitties and watch an old favorite like A Fish Called Wanda and fall asleep early.

    • YES, exactly! I definitely get the same way and it's SO annoying!! Why do our brains do that?!!?

      Its also weird how hard getting up early is (at least for me) but how its one of the most important parts of a good day for me. I hate getting out of bed, but I loooooove waking up early.

  • I read your blog regularly but don't comment much. This post made me want to stand up and give you a high five. Turmoil of any sort is hard to manage but throw in the shorten days and I'm sure it's bound to get to you. Yay, that you're giving yourself a re-set and trying to make the best of this, rather than letting it swamp you. PS I LOVE the weird beard peanut butter coffee porter candle & melts….thanks for the recommendation!!

  • Earlier in the week I told Jake I wanted to go to bed (at 6pm) and asked him to wake me up in January. So overwhelmed, so little time to get things done. Especially that evening. I was *this close* to sitting on the couch all night, but we went out to run errands and then when we got back I felt a bit better and kicked my to do list's butt. This comment isn't very helpful other than I understand.

    • It'd probably help if the sun didn't go down SO DARN EARLY. I was actually just thinking "Oh, its gotta be getting late. I had a full day!" but NOPE, it's 6:14! So much time to kick butt still left.

  • My perfect day… would HAVE to start with Lush. Either going into the store and having a wee haul, or soaking in a relaxing bath. Then maybe going out to lunch with my favourite person, followed by a relaxing movie afternoon and then going out in the evening!

  • Hi Kaylah, I don't comment often here (especially since I follow you on an RSS feed) but I had to come to say I am sooo happy and excited for you; reading about you finding your dream apartment with Jeff filled me with joy! Been reading DS for years, and can tell how much more fulfilled you are in life now. May the future bring you even more happiness. Best wishes from a Boston reader <3