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glasses – Louise via Warby Parker
plugs – Omerica Organic 
 (use rep code “daintysq” for 20% off!)
(also on Amazon for $99!)
gloves – H&M (last year. sorry!)
tooth by Hooptedoodle, Honus Honus pin from the man himself.
shirt – TJ Maxx
camera bag – Harbourside c/o Jo Totes
leggings – Modcloth
shoes – Saddle Shoes via Funtasma
(also on Modcloth!)

Sooo many thing I want to talk about in this post! For starters, these glasses! If you recall I actually posted about them in my Friday Favorites a few weeks ago. At the time I had just ordered them in my home try-on kit (which is free + you should totally do it!) but the second I tried them on I knew they had to be mine. I had purchased two other pairs from another company the week previous but these are like the pair to rule them all. I feel like they just suit my face perfectly. I was kind of waiting on Warby Parker to have some sort of holiday sale but when Cyber Monday came and went without a sale I decided they were worth it no matter what. I’m still really pumped on that decision. I haven’t touched another pair since. Now I just need to get a pair of prescription sunglasses (…or ten) and I’ll be all set!

And this coat!!! Last month I posted about Octer (see here!) Well, they recently emailed me again to introduce me to their new company, Woznow, which is essentially the same thing except with sales! You can search across a whole bunch of different sites and only see items on sale. I knew immediately that I wanted to find a jacket that was warm, but still nice enough to wear with dresses. I have two winter coats but neither are very fancy looking. Luckily Woznow has everything broken down into neat little sections so I just chose the category “coats” and got to browsing! I ended up finding this one, which was marked down 40%! It’s kind of perfect! It’s exactly what I was looking for plus it’s black and white. Even more than that it has SO much room for lapel pins. Hah! Seriously though, it took a lot of self control for me to stop at four. I basically wanted to put all my b+w ones on.

Well, I’m off. I’ve been fighting a cold for nearly a week now. For a few days it was basically just me without a voice but it finally succeed in making my whole body feel icky. This is the first time in at least four years I’ve gotten sick so it’s not all bad. Just need to relax so I’m all better to finish packing and move! Hope you’re having a lovely week!

Disclaimer – I received free product (the coat) for the purpose of this review. That said, strange style choices + opinions are my own!

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