2017 goals

I am SO excited about the new year. I know the whole internet thinks it’s dumb but I love the idea of a fresh start. A reset button! A time to review how you’re doing and make changes if you deem them necessary. You should already know by now how much I love making lists and setting goals so let’s get this started already…

Read 20 books. I’ve had it for less than a month, yet I can see how big of an impact having a Kindle has made on my reading habits. I’ve already plowed through three books! In 2017 I want to get back to being that girl that reads all the time. PS. Don’t forget to keep checking my sidebar to see what I’m currently reading!

Spend less time aimlessly clicking. This goes along with reading in a sense. I am hoping by spending less time aimlessly clicking around the internet I will be more productive and therefore have more time to read, and spend with those I love. Last year I spent a lot of time thinking about electronics, social media, and where I’m spending my time. I realized that I waste WAY too much time on things that don’t actually matter. I want to be spending more time outside, more time with Klaus, and more time on my bike. Less time scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and random webpages.

Make the new apartment feel like home. Obviously one of my big goals for the new year is to get my new apartment decorated and looking just perfect. I’m very anxious to get started on this project. I will absolutely be sharing lots of updates and photos.

Continue saving! 2016 was a really awesome year for me in terms of saving money. I did a pretty awesome job, and owe it all to Digit. I plan on continuing to save so that I can accomplish this next goal…

2x roadtrips …but hopefully more. I’m hoping that with Jeff and I sharing the cost of bills and spending more time together we’ll be able to plan, and of course, take more trips this year. We’ve been tossing around a few fairly solid ideas lately so I’m excited. Can’t wait to see where this year takes us, and to see if we end up in the desert …again.

Help Klaus feel more comfortable with strangers. Klaus is an amazing dog. He doesn’t chew on anything he shouldn’t, he’s never done anything out of spite like some dogs do, and he’s never had any accidents except when he was super sick but I’ve fallen short as a dog mom. He is kind of awful around people he doesn’t know. I know that’s because I haven’t exposed him to enough people. I also worry that my anxiety rubs off on him, like he senses that I’m uncomfortable around people so he barks to protect us. I feel really guilty about it. Our new apartment is in one of the most dog friendly neighborhoods I’ve ever seen. There are so many places that allow dogs on their patios and I’m always SO jealous when I see people eating pizza with their pooch. I don’t know how realistic of a goal it is to want to take him out to dinner with us by the end of the year but I want to be making progress toward this. If anyone has any tips for turning your grumpy dog into one who at the very least just ignores strangers, let me know!

Be a better stranger. You guys, one of my all time favorite things is sharing a random connection with a stranger. Nothing makes me feel better than a genuine smile from someone I don’t know. I want to do my best to make the number of these interactions and smiles just go through the roof this year. Instead of whispering to Jeff how I like someone’s hair or just keeping it to myself I want to tell them. This goal also includes making eye contact with people, something I’m definitely guilty of avoiding especially with people who I think look interesting which makes no dang sense. I want to share the love, spread positive vibes, and give compliments out like candy in the new year.

Spend more time being creative. More photos. More sewing. More doodling. More painting. More found on the beach collections. More little art projects. Making things makes me happy, so why am I not spending more time doing it?!

Project 365. In 2016 I royally sucked at taking photos. Don’t get me wrong, I took a lot of photos I’m very happy with but my numbers were looooow. Since first picking up a camera a billion years ago I’m pretty sure 2016 had to have the lowest number of shots taken. That really bums me out. I’m hoping that taking on Project 365 again will motivate me to pick my camera when I might otherwise just brush it off. Back in 2014 I wrote the post Project 365 + why you should do one too! if you’re looking for a push to start!

Make 5 new coffee drinks. For Christmas I got a fancy schmancy coffee maker. By the end of the year I want to have tried making at least five different coffee drinks. I know the internet is full of over the top recipes, and in the short time I’ve been drinking coffee I’ve liked every single drink I’ve tried so I’m stoked about this goal. I would love to hear about your favorite fancy coffee drink at home recipes!

Find 35 geocaches. Despite a very strong start last year, I don’t think I found a single geocache the last three or four months of 2016. I enjoy geocaching tremendously so this is my little push to get back into it. 

This might be the shortest list of goals I’ve ever written. I’m sure I’ll add a few more along the way seeing as I already added some between the time I took these photos and hit publish on the post but this is definitely a good start. What are some of your goals for this year?


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  • These are all great goals and some are very similar to my own set of goals for 2017! (save more, bike more etc)
    I also can't wait to see your new apartment! Hope the move went well

  • Good luck with your goals! I love making new years resolutions, and love reading about other peoples!

    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't manage a Project 365, but I've been thinking about doing an instant photo version, with one instant photo a week.

    Have a great 2017!

  • I'm right there with you on the New Year excitement. So much potential and possibility! Especially love your goal about being a better stranger- something I recently started trying to do myself. My own goals focus too much on youthful mischief but I'm really psyched about our trip to the desert. Your posts definitely gave us some tips for the itinerary. Best of luck on all your goals!

  • I want to read more and save more as well. I read 56 books last year, but the majority of them were read at the end of the year. I want to spend time reading each week this year.

    • Wooo! 56 is awesome! Way to go!

      I definitely understand thaT. Kind of like my goal to send more snail mail last year. I met my number goal but hit it super early in the year so I wasn't very consistent.

  • I really like the goals you've set for yourself this year! We both have a few similar goals, mainly the 20 books for the year. Having a Kindle does seem to speed up my reading more than owing a traditional paper/hardback book. Maybe it's because I enjoy reading from my kindle, lol.

    I also need to check into that digit app!

    Good luck with your goals, I'm sure you'll accomplish them! 🙂

  • I love your list! I have some of the same ones, specifically spending less time clicking aimlessly and more time creating things! Good luck with your goals.

  • I personally do the same thing every year. I too love a fresh start, a chance to start over. I evaluate the things I didn't accomplish in the previous year and then I make a list of things that I'd like to accomplish in the new year. Mine is a lot like yours, except I also write a letter to my future self to read one year from now. Love your thoughts on this and your goals for the new year! I like how you don't overdo the amounts either, like reading 20 books, so that you have leverage in your resolution 🙂


  • That googly eye cracks me up… I hope one of those road trips is to visit Brooklyn!! I have the most amazing abandoned mansion that I'm itching to go visit – I can't stop thinking that how much you'd love it 🙂

  • I always try with the 365 project by fail all the time, loved your previous projects, can't wait to see this year your new pictures, they always make me happy.

  • I am excited for your goals this year! I can't wait to see your new apartment and the "Be a better stranger" one stuck out to me. Ever since I dyed my hair, people tell me they love it so the line is open! My hair kind of says hi to people for me! So now I also feel like I'm allowed to just randomly say things to people in line at Target because of my hair. That sounds weird but I really feel like it makes me a better stranger. People think you're interesting because YOU HAVE GREEN HAIR! haha Also you ARE interesting anyway so stop it.

  • if you are uncomfortable with making eye contact first, perhaps look at the item you are complimenting someone on and offer the compliment with a smile while keeping contact with the purse / hair / bike / skirt / whatever? usually when the other party responds, eye contact becomes MUCH easier. just last night a young man hollered in my direction, "LOVE THAT SWEATSHIRT!" because it very easily could have not been meant for me as we were in a crowded convenient store, i just smiled in his direction (because i love my hoodie). his face lit up and he said, "i was leonardo in sixth grade." it was obvious he wasn't flirting (i am probably 20 years older than him) and the quick interaction over teenage mutant ninja turtles had us both smiling as we finished our tasks. the interaction made me feel really great for quite a while as i continued my drive.

    few thoughts on klaus…perhaps redirect when he starts his territory claiming? like a loud "TCH! I GOT THIS" to let him know you are aware and he doesn't need to do the job, you'll take care of the situation. somehow it worked for my german shepherd as well as my friends' lunatic dogs i watch when they go out of town. also, carrying treats for you to give to strangers so they can feed klaus wouldn't hurt. good luck!

    really looking forward to seeing how you combined possessions and the new perfect place turned out. so excited for you! happiness is beautiful on you.

    happy new year!

  • Unfortunately I don't have any tips, but my dog does the same thing! He is the sweetest pup in the world and will lick you and cuddle you to the point of exhaustion, but he just can't warm up to strangers. Just like Klaus, mine is a pit, so it makes me sad that some strangers are already judging him based on his breed, but then he has to go and bark and look mean! He's actually been fine the few times we sat on patios (thankfully!), he mostly gets protective when new/unfamiliar friends come into the house. I wish I had some advice, but I know how you feel lady!


  • I think you are right about your stress, but exposure is huge too. It's such a habit with our family to just let everyone touch, play and interact with our dogs when their little so the world is less scary. Free things i recommend, work on being strong for him on walk – depending on his bred he looks at you as either a equal or a parent and depends on your guidance of each situation and mix up where you walk him. "Make his world bigger" and give him a chance to understand his world more and world with difference walks, smells and people. $$$ recommendation – Petsmart socializing classes. We've done with for 2 smaller dogs and did our local shelter socializing and training for our mid size Kelpie. It's not cheap, over $100 i think, but it helps them and more then that it teaches you what you need to work on with him over the coming months/years. Hope that helps. I have a very hyper, but sweet 2 year old Kelpie that we are consistently working with, but at the same time letting her have her independence ("hippie talk" for I don't like training my dogs to the point of losing their personality haha)

  • one of my 2017 goals (as of this very moment rite hurrr) is to tell people how I feel — most importantly when it's positively positive feelings. so, Kaylah, or should I say Mrs. D. Squid(??what), I've read your blog for many years now — sadly not commenting nearly as much as I would/could/should've — and you've truly been (and truly are) one hell of an inspiration. so much so that I'll quite plausibly never forget you, or all the little things you've taught me. so.. there. now you know! stay dainty ♡ ♡ ♡ (let the record show that it took me 15 minutes to press 'publish', because social things make me feel hecka shookd hahaha)

    all the best,
    autisticannie @ wordpress/instagram

  • I feel the same way about my camera, too!! I was actually inspired to first do a 365 project in 2015 because of you, but then took a break for 2016. I've started a new 365 in 2017 to start feeling passionate about photography again! Also I'm an animal trainer and have worked with dogs in similar situations before so feel free to ask me any questions you have about Klaus!

  • I've found that one of the best environments for our dogs is the dog park. It's great because it's a lot of dogs and a lot of people. We have two dogs, one that's very social (with people and dogs, but especially people) and one that's super skittish. The first one we took to the dog park all the time when he was a puppy/young dog, and I really think that helped to socialize him. The other one, well, we kind of slacked off a bit and really haven't taken her much. But it's a great place to try because there's the social element, the space for the dog or you to step away from a dog/person that your dog isn't vibing with, and there are so many different types of dogs and people that your dog will be exposed to (people who will ignore, people who will be affectionate, people who will get down on the ground with him, etc.). For uneasy dogs, a good thing to do might be to really exercise them before taking them to the dog park, that way you bring their energy level down and they're a little more receptive. Also, having a buddy dog (a dog your dogs knows and trusts) with you that displays the behavior you want to see in your dog can certainly help…definitely does with ours, it pushes out skittish one out of her comfort-zone because she wants to follow the social one around and go where he goes. Hope that helps!

  • I hope you'll keep us updated on any progress with Klaus. I have also not exposed my dog to enough people and want to help her chill out this, so any thing helpful you discover would be awesome to hear about. Pretty sure, I'm gonna end up having to find the money for a professional trainer to help me…