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night photography

After quite a few months of being lazy bums, staying indoors in the evenings, and watching too much Supernatural instead of going out Jeff and I have been making an effort to get out and wander around the city before finally calling it a night. I don’t know why we waited until it was super cold to get back into the habit instead of being out all summer but it feels darn good. It’s amazing how satisfying it is to just be outside, getting fresh air and taking photo. It’s such a simple act but it always improves my mood.

Wandering around at night is never really something I did until moving to the city and meeting Jeff. Even in Geneva, where I lived before Cleveland, where it was suuuuper safe, I remember being outside my house after dark waiting for my best friend to show up and feeling like it was something I shouldn’t have been doing. Now it’s something I do regularly. It’s something that makes me feel alive, and like I’m a part of the city. It’s always funny when someone asks where I like to hang out in
Cleveland or in my neighborhood and then starts naming bars. I don’t
drink so bars have never really been my scene. To answer the question
I’m likely to tell you how about all the weird little nooks and crannies my friends and I have sneaked around to get a photo, or my favorite weird little industrial roads.

cleveland, playhouse square

Here’s to more nights like these, no matter the weather! 

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