project 365 : 21 – 29

21 : 365 Warm winter days, and all the stripes! Full outfit details + more photos here

22 : 365 I love seeing my nieces and nephew enjoy my parent’s amazing yard. That pond was such a huge part of my childhood. I spent so much of my time digging in the clay, building dams out of small rocks, and just getting dirty so it’s fun to see them doing the same thing. 

23 : 365 We’re fiiiinally starting to hang things around here. We haven’t made much progress, and the living room walls are still completely empty but I’m the kind of person who isn’t quite happy with a space until all the
open wall space is decorated somehow so this feels really good even if it’s happening one random piece at a time.

24: 365 Always a candle or seven burning around here. This neroli + eucalyptus one is a new favorite.

25 : 365 The newest addition to my collection of kind of strange things – a full sized skeleton! Woo! If you’re been reading for a while you might recall how it’s been on my wishlist for a looong time. I finally just went for it and couldn’t be more pleased. I’m not actually sure where I’ll end up displaying him but for now he’s hanging out in my office.

26 : 365 Oh look, more ridiculous things from around my house. What a surprise! My giant ice cream cone lamp is getting used more than ever in the new apartment. I’ve had it for years, and it still makes me smile every time I plug it in.
27 : 365 Sooo, I’m officially an adult now... or something? I got a big box of cleaning supplies in the mail and it honestly felt as exciting as Christmas. I had never used Mrs. Meyer’s brand previous to the day Jeff and I moved in together. When we were cleaning up his old apartment I used one of his  products and was like “Uhm? What the heck smells so good?” Since that day I’ve been looking for every excuse to use it because it seriously just smells that good.
Fast forward to last week when I see an ad for Grove Collaborative who carry all sorts of natural products. I spotted the Mrs. Meyers section and immediately filled my cart. My apartment? It’s super clean, and smells amazing too! Part of me wants to try other scents when these run out but that lavender is just too good.
28 : 365 ELYCIA CAME TO VISIT! Ahhh! We met through blogging about around six years ago but haven’t really been all that great about finding time to get together these last few. It was so nice to finally meet her youngest, show off the new apartment, and catch up. We ate tons of amazing food, and had lots of great laughs. These photos are from our quick walk to the park. Despite the snow I was determined to show our guests just how walk-able, and lovely my neighborhood is.
29 : 365 More photos from Elycia’s visit. Why can’t they just live closer?!!?

This morning I woke up to a ton of snow. It looks so beautiful falling outside my window, and from the second story I have an awesome view of all the snow covered houses in our neighborhood. It’s a perfect day to bundle up, drink alllll the tea, and work on my laptop from the couch. Hope your week is off to a lovely start.

You can keep up with my Project 365 photos under the hashtag “project 365“, of course!

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