project 365 : days 12 – 20

12 : 365 I was going to caption this “one of my favorite plants”. Who am I kidding though?! Everything in this apartment is one of my favorites. Before moving I purged my plant collection. I gave away everything that I wasn’t crazy about or that I knew wouldn’t survive without summers outside. I still have a ton of plants but every one of them is a favorite.
13 : 365 Just my puppy dog enjoying the sunshine that pours into the living room.
14 : 365 This? This is Professor laying in a pot full of dirt. My little dirt kitten. The cats always hide when people come over. On this occasion someone came out to fix our internet and this is where my genius cat decided to “hide”. After the internet was fixed Jeff and I ran to Ikea – a whole day excursion – and when we got back Professor was STILL snoozing in his dirt bed. As I’ve mentioned a bunch of times in the past, neither of the cats have ever bothered my plants so I’m kind of surprised at this choice of a place to catch some z’s.
15 : 365 Twirling! Find the full outfit details + more photos here.
16 : 365 That’s just a suggestion, right?
17 : 365 Sooo Klaus and I were shooting a photo for Milk-Bone and their brushing chews (which help clean your pup’s teeth!) when my treat obsessed little cat came rocketing over because any bag crinkling is definitely for him, of course! I just kept shooting as Professor barged his way into our shot and ended up capturing this photo which nearly made me fall over with laughter. Professor wanted those chews SO badly. I wish I could have turned this in as my final photo. “Treats so tasty even the cat wants them!” Hehe!
18 : 365 One of the shelves in my office. I’m sure it’ll get rearranged about fifteen more times before I settle exactly how I’d like it but it’s pretty good for now.
19 : 365 I just finished reading Shrill by Lindy West. Dude. I LOVED IT. Highly, highly recommend checking that out.
20 : 365 Things currently on my desk. I’m super duper into these markers right now. I was browsing stationery items on Amazon and was suggested these marker pens. I read the reviews and was like “Oh. Okay. I need to own those!” I loooove them. They don’t bleed through the page, the case they come in stands up which is way rad, and they make my list making even more fun than I already thought it was.
You can keep up with my Project 365 photos under the hashtag “project 365“, of course!

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