Project 365 : days 4-11

4 : 365 This was the first little corner of the new apartment to be put together and I still can’t get over how pretty it looks. That medical model was easily one of my best purchases ever. Love him something fierce.
5 : 365 Snow pup!
6 : 365 You guys, I really reeeally love my Kindle. I’ve had it just around a month and already finished five books. It feels great. Hallucinations was excellent!
7 : 365 Squid, up until meeting Jeff, liked a grand total of one person (me, obviously!) Look at her now though! I’m obsessed with how cute these two look when they look out the window together. It’s just so sweet.
8 : 365 Favorite thing about living with Jeff so far? Cooking together.
9 : 365 A few of my favorite things. Squid, the trash hog, and my favorite plant!

10 : 365 I bought some fancy pants grow light bulbs (these ones, if you’re curious!) to see if they’d help my plants out a bit since they’ll no longer get to spend the summer outside. It hasn’t been long enough to tell whether or not they’re doing anything but I’ve got my fingers crossed. At the very least, they light everything up nicely for photographs.

11 : 365 All the prettiest stuff of my desk!

So! After a year hiatus from Project 365 I decided to start it up again in 2017 with the hopes it would get me in the habit of picking up my camera more. While I completely forgot to do that the first three days of 2017*, I’m extremely happy with how the project is going so far. I’ve been taking so many more photos, documenting this exciting new chapter in my life, and posting on instagram so much more (You do follow me over there, correct?!) I know that last part sounds kind of silly but I guess you could consider that one of my unwritten goals for the year – be more active on instagram. Not taking many photos last year coupled with the fact I’d overthink it meant my account was kind of ignored. I missed it. This year is definitely off to a better start.

It’s not too late to start your own project 365 if you’re thinking about it. I wrote a post back in 2014 about why you should – read it here and start today! 😉

 *That’s not to say I didn’t take photos those first three day, I just didn’t take anything with my “real” camera, and the photos I did take aren’t up to my blog photo standards. Moving and the chaos of settling in seems like a pretty excuse to me though. I’m not upset!

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