what I wore : stripes, again!

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glasses – Louise via Warby Parker
dress – striped dress via Amazon
pin – girls via Moorea Seal
shoes – White Mountain oxfords via Amazon

Super cute black and white striped dress that fits like a glove for under 20 buckeronis? Heck yeah! It obviously loses some cool points for not having pockets but still! This beauty will definitely be a staple in my summer wardrobe. Paired with my trusty jean jacket? Yeeeah. It’s gonna be perfect.

Speaking of summer, Cleveland got hit with some really crazy weather over the weekend. January 21st and it’s 60 degrees? I’ll take it! I was comfortable outside with bare legs! I was even comfortable without my cardigan on. A Sleeveless dress! In January! In Ohio! WHAT!? Warm weather after the cold breaks is always like that though. 60 degrees at the end of summer and I’m trying to wear hoodies, and my fuzzy socks. At the end of cold weather (or some random warm day in middle of winter)? I’m wearing as little clothes as possible. It just felt so good to be outside, not wearing a million layers. The sun was shining down and everything felt so right. Just a little pick me up in the middle of the worst, most depressing seasons like “here’s what you have to look forward to in just a few months!” It was a much needed surprise.

The random super warm weather also made me even more excited to be living in my new neighborhood. I feel so much safer taking Klaus on walks here than where I lived before therefore we’ve obviously been taking a lot more walks. We’ve been living here just under a month and I feel like it’s already made a huge impact on both Klaus and I. Obviously dogs are happier after they’ve been walked and have used up their energy but those walks help me feel a lot less stressed too. I’m so looking forward to exploring the neighborhood with my puppy dog even more once the weather warms up for good.

One last thing related to my neighborhood and the warm weather. Like I had mentioned before, my apartment was completely remodeled right before we moved in so my landlord had been spending a ton of time here over the last few months. He was telling Jeff and I that there is a neighborhood pig that goes on walks with it’s owner. We were both like “NO WAY! How cool!” and figured we probably wouldn’t see it for a while. A few days later my landlord came over to finally hook up our washer and dryer (DUDE. It feels so good to finally do laundry!) Shortly after he left he called and asked if it was still working to which I was like “Uh? Yeah? You just left?” then he revealed the true reason for calling… “The pig. It’s out walking at the corner of Professor and College” Sooo needless to say, I threw a leash on Klaus and we literally ran outside. I found the pig almost immediately – prompting this tweet. It was just happily waddling along behind it’s mom. I watched as three people stopped to talk to her about her unique pet. I’ve got my fingers crossed for lots more pig sightings this summer. I will most definitely be updating you, hopefully with photos and a name, next time I see the piggy!

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