Friday Favorites #401

The most fitting duvet cover for this late night snacker!
 (via: Zana Products)
For all my weird stuff lovin’ friends, I present to you, bone shaped pens! It’s a pack of ten for ten bucks. You’re welcome!
 (via: Amazon)
Great color, great cut, and it’s covered in one of the cutest animals out there? Yes, please to this dress!
Two of my favorite things – cats + pizza!
 (via: Oh Plesiosaur)
These days my fashion choices are pretty chill, I mean… for me at least. I think these craaazy shoes might be a tad out of my comfort zone but I adore them! They’re so awesome! Also, the company that makes them, Hot Chocolate Design, makes some other super neat shoes including these map ones. That’s right! MAP SHOES! One last thing – their boxes are amazing. Seriously, go look through the photos!
(via: Amazon)
Always telling you how I’m always a sucker for a pretty notebook!
 (via: Sarah Abbott)
This kitten mug is too darn cute!
 (via: Modcloth)
This isn’t true about me, I’m notoriously grumpy after naps, but I still love this blanket anyway.
I’ve got major heart eyes for this pink coat. It’d look lovely with my green hair and predominantly black and white wardrobe.
(via: Amazon)
 These brain specimen coasters are riiiiiiight up my alley!
(via: Think Geek)
Do you sew? Well, here’s a pattern to make your own bralette! If you’d rather just purchase some that has already been made, Ohhh Lulu also sells those too! You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve gone lingerie crazy this past week or so.

Link love…
Butt first, coffee. Literally, butt. Showing you that because I hate that stupid saying but I do like butts.
This bra is the dreamiest!
▴ This cat tea set is too cute for words.
▴ Twenty six years old and still obsessed with stickers. Somethings never change.
▴ Love this “not so common” patch!
▴ This monstera leaf bag is kind of the coolest.
▴ Do any of you guys watch Archer? Its one of my favorite shows, and without a doubt Pam is my favorite character. I’m obsessed with this print of her.

Happy Friday!!

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