Grahamville Cemetery

Grahamville Cemetery, headstone, graveyard

After that incredible abandoned church we found on our Valentine’s Day adventure (check it out here!) I couldn’t imagine our luck getting any better. Shortly after crossing the Pennsylvania border we hit a major wall of fog. Like barely see the car in front of you wall of fog! Jeff said something like “wouldn’t you love to shoot a cemetery in this?” To which my response was “well, I doooo have the find a grave app!” I opened it real quick and found that a little ways off from the next exit was a real gem of a cemetery. The photos showed some old headstones and I was sold!

It was about ten minutes away from the freeway which when you’ve had the worst luck ever photographing fog feels like a lifetime. I’ve told you a million times in the past how every time I go to shoot some beautiful foggy location it all burns off before I arrive. I held my breath the whole way there. We went through patches where the skies were clear, and patches where you couldn’t see a darn thing. By some stroke of luck when we pulled into the driveway it was so white you couldn’t see a single headstone.

I nearly jumped out of the car. Just kidding. I literally jumped out of the car, grabbed my camera from the back and started running around snapping photos. I was so happy to just be shooting anything in the fog but the further I got into the cemetery the older the headstones were until I found that sweet spot I’d seen on the app. It was SO EXCITING. I honestly could ramble forever about how much I love fog and cemeteries, and how the two combined is like the ultimate photographic subject for me so, here, just look at my photos from the day…

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