It’s the little things…

like taking hiiiiilarious photos of your cat. 

You’re right, that totally is a “little things” post I did last year. It’s here + worth checking out if you need a smile. Professor is just the most expressive little guy out there.  I’ve met my fair share of really amazing cats but there is something special about this one. He’s a huge goofball with an out of this world personality. I feel like he’s constantly doing something cute or weird or some combination of the two. I always post the most ridiculous photos of him because…well, he’s ridiculous. Guess what! I have more ridiculous photos of him for you today courtesy of a piece of ribbon he so desperately wanted.

“fight me, bro!”

Hope you’re having a stellar week!

If you’re looking for more things to smile about this morning, you might find some under my “the little things” tag or over on instagram under the hashtag #fessermakesfaces.

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