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Decorating the new apartment started with a bang. We got so much done in that first week and a half. I felt like we were way ahead of schedule. Friends and family commented on how quickly it came together. Elycia even said “It’s like you’ve been here forever.” which I took as it’s dirty and outdated. Haha! All the furniture was where I wanted it, and knick knacks were out. Then things slowed to a halt. For the past month we haven’t done much in terms of decorating, and it’s kinda sorta driving me nuts. I’m ready to be settled.

Really, all that is left to do is to hang things on the wall but it’s not a task I take lightly. Hanging things is always super intimidating. I’m not one to overly plan the whole process out so its basically just me crossing my fingers and hoping it turns out okay. It makes no sense, I essentially care about it too much and not enough at the same time. I was really really happy with how my last living room looked so needless to say I had high expectations for this one. The original plan was to keep the theme of black and white but I quickly realized I didn’t have enough stuff to fill the walls. If I were living alone I’d probably have just purchased more things that fit the theme but since Jeff had an abundance of wall hangings that needed to go up we tweaked the plan a bit.

I still wanted to do a “gallery” wall since I like that look. I think the key to a successful one is keeping a color theme so we ended up with black, white, and yellowy brown. Yellowy brown is never ever everrrr a first choice to me but I realized that Jeff and I actually own a lot of it. It shows up in my taxidermy, in my insect collection, Jeff’s arrowheads, our vintage photos, and our star piece, The Doctor*. Like I said, wasn’t totally sold on that color at first but I ended up really digging it. Our main wall, the one behind the couch, is kind of the coolest. The colors look really nice together, and I like how they look with all the plants in the room. Basically, once again, I kind of just threw things together and magically they turned out okay. Thank goodness.

I started taking the photos for this post intending for it to be the official full living room tour but with one wall not completed (the one behind the tv doesn’t have anything hung on it yet) and a few other tasks on my to-do list I’m opting to just call this a peek. I also just feel like it’s missing something. Maybe it’ll feel complete after painting our tv stand. I don’t know, I can’t seem to put my finger on it yet. I just know that when I finally bought the black and white Ikea rug for my last apartment the room suddenly felt complete. The rug really tied the room together. I’m looking for the one thing for this room that just seals the deal, that makes it complete. We’ll see if I ever find it. Either way, you can definitely expect more photos of this room in the next few months. I promise to share photos that show off the whole room, and give you a better idea of the layout, eventually.


*The Doctor is not only a really rad piece but one with a bit of sentimental value. Jeff and I originally spotted it at an estate sale – actually THE best estate sale. He really liked it but couldn’t justify buying it since he’d already gotten so many other awesome things there that day. I went back the next day mostly for myself because I figured there would be more goodies for me but also half hoping The Doctor hadn’t sold yet. As luck would have it, it was still sitting there. I made an offer, they accepted, and while Jeff was at work I went over to his apartment and hung it on his living room wall.

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