project 365 : days 30 – 36

30 : 365 My Urban Outfitters inspired DIY bulletin board. Read more here. Still over the moon about how this turned out. I really, really love this room.

31 : 365 Just some grumpy little cat yelling about something.
Also, that new bowtie? TOO DARN CUTE.

32 : 365 Box buddies! A little bit later in the day Squid was still sitting in that box and Professor apparently forgot because when he came running by she sneaked out and he jumped nearly a foot straight up. It was the cutest.

33 : 365 I went Trader Joe’s specifically to buy myself flowers. They just have the best selection at the best prices. I’m almost glad I don’t have one any closer or else I’d probably be buying flowers multiple times a week. Two things; this candle smells amazing, and that cat wine bottle makes a perfect vase!

34 : 365 Afternoon sunshine is the best!

35 : 365  Another plant filled corner of the apartment. I love this view, and all our weird things.
36 : 365 Hanging things on the living room wall! Wooo! I mean, kind of “wooo!” It only got partially finished before Jeff and I both got frustrated with the wall itself, which was hard to drill into, and with how the heck to arrange things. Despite the fact it isn’t done, it’s already so much cozier in here. I can’t wait to finish it up! Have I mentioned recently how much I love this apartment? Heh!

Hope your week is off to a lovely start!

You can keep up with my Project 365 photos under the hashtag “project 365“, of course!

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